China’s Nepali move to make pressure on India

_102176174_6da3f58b-f0ee-405c-b80d-5240ea4a4380.jpgAgreement between China and Nepal to lay the railway line from Kairung to Kathmandu to Kathmandu has been signed on Thursday.

An agreement was signed between the Nepalese Prime Minister K.P. Oli and the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, who went on a six-day visit to China, to build roads, railways and airways to link the two countries.

Both countries have expressed the hope that this historic agreement under bilateral cooperation will be the beginning of a new era. Apart from this, the optic fiber network for mutual cooperation has also been agreed on connecting the two countries.


Rabindra Adhikari

Nepal and China, the important issues related to Rail, Civil Aviation, Road, Communication etc. ‘Connectivity Projects, Energy, Technology, Human Resource Development Cooperation, etc. Dyede Bichka Samjotale Nepal’s economic development cooperation Pugne Biswa ..

10:07 am – 22 June 2018

The main understanding and understanding of China’s affairs
Nepal and China, the far-reaching importance of the Karga-Kathmandu railroad construction related work is being signed by the Bihair signature. Dual countries have formed the basis for the expansion of trans-himalayan multi-dimensional …
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What will be the impact on India?

Sable Dasgupta, senior journalist in China, says, “There is a plan to increase the railway line on Tibet upto Lhasa, to Kathmandu, for which many bridges and tunnels have to be built, which is considered to be extremely dangerous along with very difficult work. is.”

“There will also be a lot of expenditure which Nepal does not have the capability. Nepal will be repaid for thirty-four years in the event of borrowing, Nepal will have to think about it.”

“If this railway will come forward then what will the government think about it? China is not a buyer for Nepal but Nepal is a buyer for China.”
If this railway line is not currently at the border of India, then it can be said that there is no apparent threat from this. But Saibal Dasgupta says, “Suppose these railline is later extended beyond Kathmandu and comes to the border of India, then China’s goods will stand at India’s door.”

“If we believe that China wants to sell its goods to Nepal, then there is no one to laugh a lot from it, people in Nepal will not be able to buy tickets. I understand but for big machinery, he will see India’s face. ”

“China’s only motive is to bring its goods to India’s door, for which it does not have to suffer the losses. Then it will be the pressure to become part of India’s Belt and Road project because India’s businessmen will tell the government Why India is giving such a huge opportunity to that hand. ”

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‘China’s Gambling’ ties ‘India’s election’
China’s President shi Jinping One Belt One Road project wants to connect Middle East with the countries of Asia. However, many experts say that from this belt and road initiative, China wants to fulfill its dream of becoming a superpower.

China has requested India to join it even though India has been denying it. Starting under this scheme, due to joining the China-Pakistan-Economic-Corridor (CPEC) project, India has refused to say that its passing through Pakistan-administered Kashmir is a violation of its sovereignty.


World concern on new Silk Route
India is going to hold general elections next year. Sable Dasgupta says, “Before this, Modi Government will not be able to support the One Belt One Road project in any solution, he will not want to accept this because if there is talk on a border today, If India gives the sacrifice of this principle of integrity, then it will have to face the elections. ”

He says that China is a huge gambling game and he expects the government to accept it in the coming time. Instead of pressing the government directly, he is trying to put pressure on them through the work that benefits businessmen of India.
One Belt One Road
Senior journalist Ubraj Ghimire from Nepal points out that in the past year it was agreed that Nepal will be part of China’s One Belt One Road project, but “no decision has been taken yet on which projects will be done” . ”

He says that India has officially said that Nepal wants to have relations with China and Tibet, it is entirely Nepal’s decision. But what Nepal does should not hurt the Indian sensitivity and safety concerns.

He says, “Nepal has repeatedly said that it will not do any work against the interests of neighboring China and India, the boundaries of the 16 districts of Nepal with Tibet have been correct and due to this, It is not possible to develop. ”
The tension between Nepal and India
Ubraj Ghimire explains that China’s autonomous region Tibet and Nepal formed the Kandi Highway in the 1960s with the help of China. In 2015, the country created a new constitution and at that time, India had imposed economic blockade on Nepal by taking Madhshi cases, since then there has been a tension between Nepal and India.

He says that Nepal felt that only relying on India could put him in a very difficult situation and after that Nepal’s relations with China seem insignificant.

Although they believe that after the construction of the railway line, China’s goods will come to India, it is not necessary. He says, “The rail line is to come only to Kathmandu. Meanwhile, India has also talked of laying a railway line from Raxaul in Bihar to Kathmandu, which will be built in five years.”

“In bilateral discussions, the authorities have to control the cross-border smuggling, but I do not think that the risk of smuggling is likely to increase. This service is to be started for the passengers.”

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