Blog of vusut: Poor leader better from one another standing in Pakistani election


In Pakistan, the second gear has been selected for the election campaign, as many as the candidates have declared the truth about the value of their own capital, business and land value election.

It is estimated that those who we considered rich were poor, like middle or upper-middle class like us, and who we used to be poor, they have so much money that Pakistan wants to start giving loans to the IMF.

Like Mohammed Hussein Shaikh, an independent candidate from District Muzaffargarh in Punjab, wrote in the property declaration that he owns more than 40 thousand crores of land. This time he was the richest candidate to contest the election.

While the well-known Imran Khan said that his home of three hundred canals is worth 30 lakh rupees on the Gala hill built in Islamabad, there is no personal train, 14 houses have been received from the father-in-law, the tickets of the airplane are bought by friends and friends. Give it. It is so poor that last year, barely 1 lakh 4 thousand rupees could be given the income tax.
Imran Khan
What was known about Asif Zardari was that he was the owner of half a sugar mills in Sindh, there are havelis in Dubai and Britain, thousands of acres of land, there is an anonymous investment of billions of rupees, but nothing like this. .

Overall, the value of his declared asset is made only Rs. 75 crores which means that according to India, Rs. 38 crores.

Zardari’s son Bilawal Bhutto lives in a house of four thousand yards in Clifton, in Karachi, on the road halfway through this house, the bus runs on the bus. But the value of this house has been disclosed to 30 lakh rupees. Whereas in the back and forth streets, none of the more people in the houses are less than 30-40 crore rupees.

Thousands of people including me have said that they are ready to buy Bilawal’s home of 30 million rupees for 60 million to 1 crore rupees. But Bilawal says I will not sell.

Pakistan to hold general elections on July 25

Bilawal Bhutto with his father Asif Ali Zardari
Nawaz Sharif’s condition is the slowest. If you go to Lahore, then in a poor Amma house. If they die, they go to the house of Biwi and go to London, then take a bed in the son’s flat.

The business does not have any child pocket money. While his brother, Shahbaz Sharif and son Hamza, have a total property of between one and a half to two billion rupees.

Why is Bilawal Bhutto wailing on the Pakistani media?

Nawaz Sharif
These leaders are the Gods of the country’s three largest political groups. Every five years, one wants to create a new Pakistan in which every person will pay tax and speak the truth. And his party came to power and made such laws through which the rich would be richly poor and poor, wildly poor.

And the economy may become something that Pakistan is going to become Asian Tiger In the election campaign, in every election campaign, it is often broken to buy old clothes in new packing.

Now if the people do not do this, then who are these fools to tell the people!

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