Bihar: Judge imprisoned to daughter, court to free


A judge had kept his daughter locked in the house. Just because he loved someone. Angered by his daughter’s love affair, the District Judge had kept her under arrest, but the Patna High Court gave her a decision in favor of the girl and set her free.

While pronouncing the verdict in this matter, the victim has ordered the victim to arrange a room for 15 days separately from her parents and to stay in Patna’s Chanakya Law University.

At the same time, the court has allowed him to provide a women’s concertal 24-hour security and meet his lover.

District Judge Sandeep Shahi told , “The court asked the victim whether she wanted to live with her parents and gave her the answer, and said that she wants to marry her boyfriend. The court ordered the separation and security arrangements. ”
The law graduate loves a young man of Delhi. When this information was made to his family, he stopped him at home. Later this news was published in a legal portal on which the Patna High Court automatically took cognizance.

Chief Justice Rajendra Menon ordered the victim to appear in the Judge Chamber on June 26 afternoon at 2 pm. According to the order of the court, the Special Police team of Patna arrived on Tuesday with the court.

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After hearing all the arguments of the parties for nearly an hour, the court decided to keep the victim separated from the family.

The lover of the victim is very pleased with the court’s decision. He said to the BBC, “After all I am very happy and I am feeling relieved. I want to thank the court and the media for this decision.”

Lover’s lawyer Rajiv Kumar Srivastava said, “We got the Bihar police officers to give relief to the victim and the client, but we got relief from the High Court.”

In this case, the court has ordered the media not to print the name of the victim and her family.

However, according to the report of the first printed local media in this case, the victim was assaulted in the house, she was not given food and her mobile was stripped.
The victim’s lover also believed that the family members of the victim used to do wrong with him but he also said that they do not want any action against them.

The lawyer said, “People connected with judicial service are very respected, so no action has been sought against them from either side or against them.”

The next hearing of this case will be on July 12.

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