Benazir Bhutto massacre of Pakistan: main accused released video


A video of an accused of the assassination of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto has surfaced in which he has been denying his involvement.

Ikramullah is considered to be a suicide bomber in Benazir’s murder. The investigating agencies claim that Ikramullah had to attack before, but he was not successful.

Investigators involved in the assassination of Benazir say that when the other attacker blown himself, then Ikramullah had gone out of there.

In the 2007 attack, 20 people, including Benazir, were killed in a rally in Rawalpindi.

In this case the first public statement has come. The video message of Ikramullah has been released by the Pakistani Taliban. The BBC has this video. It is believed that this video was made in Eastern Afghanistan. This terrain is the Taliban stronghold.
Benazir Bhutto just before the murder in Rawalpindi rally
In this video, Ikramullah has said that he was neither involved in the massacre nor knew about this. Pakistan has placed Ikramullah in the list of most wanted suspected terrorists.

In the court, the name of Ikarmah was as the second suicide bomber. Senator and former Pakistan Interior Minister Rehman Malik Benazir has been close to Bhutto. He told the BBC, “Ikramullah is utterly lying.”

How did leopardy of Benazir Bhutto massacre

7 questions related to the assassination of Benazir Bhutto

Sources attached to the Pakistan’s extremist group told the BBC that before this, Ikramullah had accepted his involvement in the assassination of Benazir and seized him. Last year, Ikramullah was attacked by a second Islamic group in Afghanistan. Along with that, the family members of Ikramullah got threatened with Pakistani security forces.

After this, it is believed that Ikramullah was advised by the people of his group that he refused the video by making a video and denying his involvement. A source from the BBC said, “The children of Pakistani Taliban and even tribal areas know that Ikramullah was involved in the murder of Benazir.”

Bhutto was elected prime minister in 1988 and 1993. After exile from the country, he came to contest elections in Pakistan in 2007 and was attacked during the election campaign. In October 2007, Benazir was targeted by suicide bombers at Karachi Airport. Although Benazir had escaped in the attack, 150 people were killed.
Two months after the attack, Bhutto was killed in a rally in Rawalpindi. In this massacre, a case was registered in the case of conspiracy against five suspects, who had been released by the court last year. At that time, Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehood died in the US invasion in 2009.

Pakistani intelligence officials say that he had taped the phone of Baitullah Massoud. In a conversation, a cleric was saying from Baitullah that Benazir had attacked his people, which included Ikramullah too. Then Iqramullah was getting 16 years old.

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