Ardoan won the election became second time President of Turkey

_102184155_7bbfd9cb-d659-4c39-99e8-2c4043c03f31.jpgTurkish President Rachap Tayyap Ardoan has won the first round of Presidential election. The head of the organization, who is conducting elections in the country, has given this information

According to the government media, most votes have been counted, and Ardogan has 53%, while his nearest rival, Muharram Inche, gets 31% votes.

In Turkey, the President and the parliamentary elections have been held together and the final results will be announced on Friday.

Earlier, Ardion had also said that the ruling coalition of one of his party secured a majority in parliament.

So far, the main opposition party has not officially accepted the defeat. Earlier, the opposition had said that a lot of votes are still counted and the results will remain anything, they will continue to fight for democracy.

President Ardouan has held elections this time before time. After the election is over, a new constitution will be implemented in Turkey, which will increase the powers of the President. Critics say that this will weaken democracy in Turkey.
These elections were to be held in November 2019 but Arduan had suddenly announced the election for a long time. After casting his vote, Arduan told reporters, “Turkey is going through a democratic revolution in these elections.”

In the meanwhile, the reports of rigging of election supervisors and rigging in the Usha province, which is in Syria, has come. Turkey’s Election Commission says it is investigating these reports.

Opposition showed off
Ardoun and his main rival Muharram Inche made big rallies on Saturday. Both leaders had described each other as inappropriate to rule over Turkey.

Inche says that Turkey is heading towards dictatorship under the rule of Ardogan. Their fast election campaign has put new life into the opposition of Turkey.

While addressing a rally of nearly a million people in Istanbul on Saturday, Inche had said, “If Ardojan wins, your phone will be tapped, fear will be ruled by.”

He said that if I won the courts in Turkey would be free.


Ardoan: The public’s dictator or dictator?
Emergency removal promise
Inche had promised to end the Emergency within 48 hours in the event of winning the election.

In Turkey, in July 2016, there has been an emergency only since the failed attempt to overthrow the coup. During the Emergency, the government does not need Parliament’s approval.

At the same time, in his election rally, Ardion had asked his supporters, “Are we going to make them slap in tomorrow?”

Osmani slap is a phrase used in Turkey, which means to throw the opponent in the same slap.

Ardenn was the Turkish Prime Minister for 11 years before becoming Turkish President in 2014.

He was a former teacher and MP for 16 years, accused of being naive on Muharram Inche, “Being a teacher of physics is a different matter, and running a country is a different thing. There should be experience for being a President.”

Important day for Ardogan
According to  Turkish correspondent Mark Loewen, the strategically important country Turkey has not been politically divided so much in recent years nor has Ardoan ever faced such a tough match in the elections.

Ardoan is the most powerful leader of Turkey since the founder of Modern Turkey, Kamal Ataturk. If he wins this election, then he will be stronger. The post of Prime Minister will end and the Parliament will weaken in front of the President.

But if Ardian did not get 50 percent of the votes in the presidential election, then he would probably have to face re-election from Muharram Inche. The middleman Inche has revived the opposition.

A class in Turkey is a blind devotee of President Ardouan, while the other is a strong critic. Sunday day in the divided country was the day of the biggest decision of President Ardogan.

How did the vote happen?
The people of Turkey have voted to choose the country’s parliament in addition to choosing president. In these elections nearly six million Ottoman citizens are entitled to vote.

Six candidates were in the fray for the presidential post. When a candidate gets more than half the votes, he becomes a direct president. If no one does not get fifty percent votes, then the two candidates who get the most votes will have a direct reunion.
In the 600-member Parliament, President Arduan’s ruling party had to face a tough fight to maintain majority.

In the parliamentary elections, the ruling coalition is united against the opposition.

It was believed that the role of the Kurdish pro-People’s Democratic Party (HDP) can prove crucial in parliamentary elections. If the 10 percent vote required to get admission in parliament gets HDP, then Arduan’s single party will have difficulty in retaining its supremacy.

HDP President and presidential candidate Selhhattin Damirtas has been kept in high security prison in the charges of terrorism at this time. They dismiss these allegations at the earliest.

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