Ardoan: A son of a migrant how became Turkey’s most powerful leader

_102190034_24b0048e-04ba-4dcd-a2a3-e43ebdaa4a33.jpgHis closer  called him ‘Baiyafandi’ (Sir). Their fans call them nothing but “rises” (boss).

After winning more than 52 percent of the vote in Sunday’s presidential election, Rachap Tayyap Ardoan is going to be stronger than ‘Sir’ and ‘boss’ in the future.

Not only this, even without these votes, these Islamist leaders of 64 years were the second most powerful leader in the history of Turkey. Next to them is the name of the founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kamal Ataturk or Mustafa Kamal Pasha.

None above Ardion
With the new victory, Ardounan will get many new powers. The roots of these forces have been a referendum in the year 2017. According to this, the Turkish President will now have all the powers that used to be used by the prime minister earlier.

In Turkey, the post of Prime Minister has now been abolished and all his executive powers have been transferred to the President.
Ardoan will be the only person who will be appointed from senior officials, ministers, judges and deputy presidents.

Ardoan will be able to interfere in the judicial system of the country, he will divide the budget in the country and it will be his own personal decision that remove the Emergency that took place after the failed army coup in 2016, or apply it.

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After such rights, there will be no such institution or person who will review Erdoan’s decisions.

According to the new constitution, Ardennan will continue to be the supreme authority of the government for the next five years, but he can contest elections in 2023 and if he wins, he can remain in power till the year 2028.

Son of migrant most powerful leader

It is interesting in itself that how was the son of a migrant in Georgia today becoming the most powerful man in Turkey?

Arduan has set a long trip to reach here.
He was born in Kasimpasa and near the Black Sea. The Islamic Movement, Ardoun, gave fame in Turkey

Before reaching the summit of Turkish power, Ardion went to jail, remained prime minister for 11 years and also faced the efforts of violent coup.

In the last 15 years, he faced 14 elections (six legislative, three election manifesto, three local and two presidents) and won in all.

Most of his supporters are orthodox Muslims. They say that their leader made economic reforms in Turkey and gave the country a respectable place on the international stage.

Ardoan’s achievements
The earliest achievements of Arduan include improvement in health services and the elimination of death penalty. European Union had also welcomed the death penalty and also helped in establishing peace with Kurdish extremists.

After coming to power, Ardounen withdrew the ban on religious activities in a secular country like Turkey, started a huge infrastructure program and adopted a more vocal foreign policy.

What is the critic?
Although the critics of Ardogan draw attention to Turkey’s economic crisis and his dictatorship.
Inflation was more than 10 percent and falling prices of Lira (Turkish currency) has kept many families difficult to live on.

Critics also point out that when Ardouan is in power, his enemies are in jail or are living in exile.

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In 2016, a faction of the army in Turkey tried unsuccessfully, since the people there are living in the state of emergency.

Since then, one lakh seven thousand government employees and soldiers have been removed from their jobs and more than 50,000 people are in jail.

Despite all the rights and majority, Ardogan must also face many challenges. Their opponents are increasingly growing. During the electoral campaign, Ardogan may have even realized it.

The other political parties are criticizing Ardogan’s decisions. All of this can affect Arduan’s desire to join the European Union.
Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Katie Perry has said clearly on Twitter that the method of Arduun did not match exactly with the negotiation of joining the European Union.

Well, now everyone’s eyes are on whether Arduan will remove the two years of emergency in the country or not. Emergency is the biggest reason for political uncertainty in Turkey and the reason behind the continuous falling foreign investment.

Although the emergency does not mean that the prisoners in jail will be released, but if  correspondent Mark Lawen, who is present in Turkey, believes it will be the beginning of a conversation with the opposition.

“Once again, half of Turkish people are feeling unbeatable and half of them are angry,” says Løven.

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