With three Merits Firefox Quantum Browser can compete with Google Chrome

_102171183_6227a07e-ee29-46cf-85b9-76cf67b158db.jpgFor the past few years a browser is ruling the Internet – Google Chrome But now there’s a browser that is preparing to compete – Firefox.

Firefox is not a new name. It was launched in 2002 as a free and open source browser for the first time. It has been developed by the Mozilla Foundation, whose website says that it is committed to making ‘free guarantees’ access to everyone on the internet.

When Chrome was launched in 2008, it gradually replaced the rest of the browsers.

According to http://www.statista.com, the portal to provide data, 67 percent of Internet traffic comes from Google Chrome by this year. The rest of the browsers are far behind. 11 percent comes from Firefox, 7 percent of Explorer and 5 percent of Safari.
But Mozilla has released the Firefox Quantum at the end of last year and its followers are growing month by month.

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According to experts, there are three reasons which can be said on the basis that Firefox Quantum is ready to compete with Google Chrome. These reasons are given below-

1. Privacy
Extensions installed in Firefox are less versatile than Chrome, but they provide you much more protection.
In the free browser you can activate a feature that can prevent Internet crawlers from collecting your private data. But in order to do this in Chrome, you will have to wait for installation of a third party extension.

Apart from this, there is also a facility to limit Facebook to Firefox Quantum. This will separate your social media profile and will not be able to track your other activities in the browser.

Since Firefox is a free browser, it does not fulfill its business objectives through it. It is no interest in collecting data and selling it to advertisers.

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2. Speed
Some websites say that Firefox has more speed than Chrome, so some websites believe Chrome is too fast.

The New York Times’s Technology Expert Brian X Shane writes in an article that after using both for several months, he can say that both are very fast.

The difference between the two is that Firefox correctly manipulates resources and uses them correctly.
Whenever you open a new tab in Chrome, it starts a new process and slows the machine down. While the loading tab of the new tab is fast in Firefox.

3. Low consumption of data
Memory is also needed to make the browser faster and lighter.

Mozilla claims that the Firefox Quantum uses 30 percent less RAM and has a good effect on its battery life.

Columnist Shane found that the battery on NetFlix was running on the loop continuously, against Chrome, the battery ran 20 percent higher.

He believes that this is not a big difference, and even though the Firefox Quantum has to decide a long trip, but these small things are promising.

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Security Experts appreciate the work of privacy on Mozilla’s work.

Cooper Quintin, a security researcher from the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told the New York Times: “It seems that Firefox has established itself as a privacy-friendly browser and they have a great job are also doing.”

So on the basis of these things, can it be said that Mozilla Firefox is ready to compete with Chrome?

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