Why scourge made on trump’s wife Melania’s Jacket

_102160889_e9382f69-2375-4b53-9d56-0290c44b8d8b.jpgOnce again the American President’s wife Melania Trump is in the discussion due to her dress. And for this, they are facing a lot of criticism on social media.

Actually, Melania had come to meet him in a hair center made for migrant children in Texas. But the jacket he was wearing had something written on it, due to which he came to the headlines.

On the back side, their jacket was written, “I do not care about you, do you?” That is, I do not really care about you, do you?

At Melania’s time, people are questioning the jacket’s choice. On his choice of his jacket, his spokesman says, “There was no hidden message in the pre-fashion model’s choice.”

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The jacket of 39 US dollars i.e. about 2,647 rupees has raised the social media. In his defense, President Donald Trump himself had to come.

He says through tweets that his wife’s jacket with “I Really Do not Care” was for Fake News Media. Melania had come to know that how dishonest people are and she really does not care about them. ”
Meanwhile, people on Twitter immediately started talking to Melania’s jacket.

Denizakan Grimes’s Twitter user says that Melania Trump has bought this $ 30 jacket not knowingly, but knowingly, on this trip.
Rob Royer writes that after Melanie’s ‘I Do not Care’ jacket on the border, Marie Antoinette (the Queen of France) has shown the second such step of understanding with words.
Kiran S writes, Melania Trump started the ‘Bee Best’ campaign and then wearing ‘I Really Do Care Care’ jacket. That too when he goes to meet the immigrant children who have been stopped on the border.
Another user Sam Baker says that if Melania used to wear this jacket more than ever, then maybe there would be 80 thousand such manual responses.
Hours after the photo was viral, Melanie looked worn at that jacket while leaving the plane on an Air Force Base in Washington DC.

He ignored all the questions asked by the Reporters and went ahead.

Trump spokesman Stephanie Grisham has criticized Melania’s fashion-tracking US media Twitter.
However, when Melania went to Texas to meet the kids, she did not wear this jacket.

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“The sympathy trip to the Melania Trump Mexico border was hidden from the message behind the jacket.”

“It is believed that First lady Melania Texas went to meet the children, talked to the staff there, but her choice of jacket weakened her story that touched her heart.But I have some doubts about her nonsense is. If he worn the jacket without thinking it for the trip then it is really a matter of thinking. ”
Melania met the migrant children suddenly separated on Thursday and said they wanted to meet the children separated from the family again.

A fund from the US Administration has provided shelter to dozens of Central American children in New Hope Children’s Shelter in McAlane, Texas, where they went on a tour. Here are 55 children.

Some of them came to America alone while some are children who have been separated from their parents under the immigrant policy of Zero Tolerance on the border with illegal immigrants.

Mailania reached White House five months later
United States Human Rights Council
Program director Roselio De La Serada told Melaniya Trump that most of the children are from Guatemala and they are very nervous when they come here.

Melania Trump talked to them and asked how long they were there and how many times they talked to their parents.

He said, “Be compassionate and good to others, okay?” Sometimes his words are being translated into Spanish.

During this, he called “Good Luck” from another group of children.

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