Why Pakistanis are annoyed with Swara Bhaskar

_101870749_265edec3-67d9-494d-83c1-62c1d330ecd4.jpgBollywood actress Swara Bhaskar, who came to the discussion nowadays, is facing protests in Pakistan, ‘Veer The Wedding’.

During a TV interview, Swara Bhaskar gave Pakistan an unsuccessful nation. Pakistan’s indignation over Swaraj’s remarks

‘Veere di Wedding’ in Pakistan has not been allowed to be released and on this, Swaraj called Pakistan an unsuccessful nation.

Between Pakistan’s criticism, the old video of Swaras began to get a lot of shares on social sites, in which they praised Pakistan for their fervent existence.

On the social media, Swaras started targeting targets by Pakistan’s VJ and actress Urva Hawken. They have tweeted two videos of Swara.
In the film are Sonam Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar and Shikha Talasania.
In one video, Swara is seen speaking in a comedy show in Pakistan and in the second video, while giving an interview with Rajiv Masand, film critic.

In both videos, Swarup seems to be giving a rhetorical statement about Pakistan.
Urva Hauken has written while writing a video, “Do I have to say something else?”

This video shows that Swara is praising Pakistan for a program in Pakistan earlier. He is saying, “I came here and found that which is often considered enemy country, he is not like that. I’m swearing, I’m roaming around London, New York, Istanbul, Paris, all in front of Lahore. ”

At the same time, Swara is present with other actresses of ‘Veire the Wedding’ in the second video. He is calling it Pakistan an unsuccessful country. He said, “Why are we happy with some nonsense things happening in an unsuccessful country like Pakistan?”



Need I say more?! @ReallySwara

12:38 AM – 3 June 2018
14.3 thousand
7,371 people are talking about this

Twitter twitter @VJURWA
Urva has targeted these two different things of Swara. Many people have commented on this tweet on Urva.

A user, Ayesha Shaikh, commented for Swara, “Who are you to talk about Fell State?” In my own country you were safe at the bus at 12 o’clock, if you were in your country. If you spread hatred then hate will be … ‘


Ayesha Sheikh
@ AyeshaSheikh21
Replying to @VJURWA @ReallySwara
How do I tell you that Shaniyat laws and Shariyat laws have failed to tell you the state of the kingdom, but only you will be able to save 12 years ago, just keep yourself safe in the future … You have to go to Nafrat. Nafrat hi milay ge Na Kaam Ki Na Kaj Ki Dushman Aanaj Ki

1:21 am – 3 June 2018
49 people talking about this

The user ‘hel boy’ commented, “That’s an opportune time. If we do not take this seriously, then why are you taking people? ”


Replying to @VJURWA @ReallySwara
She is a opportunist
Isko to hum indians serious but you are not logged in.

12:53 AM – 3 June 2018
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Twitter twitter @Waar_loard
Another user, ‘Siritoba Sarai’ has written, “There is also something called morality name. You will not hear a word against India from Pakistani artists working in India. ”


saritob saray
Replying to @ Warlord__ and 2 others being replied to
There is a thing called ethics, you will not hear a bad word on india from pak actors who have worked in your country.

3:32 am – 3 June 2018
19 people are talking about this

User Abdul Aziz commented, “Urva did not do anything wrong. Swara was praising Pakistan earlier and then started doing evil. Pakistan’s celebrities who at least work in India do not abuse India. ”


Abdul Aziz
@ nomanaziz83
Replying to @SirJadejaaaa @VJURWA
Urwa did nothing wrong Swara was praising Pakistan first and now bashing same country. Atleast when the Pakistani celebs who go to work in India do not abuse indias later Just show double standards of Swara

1:30 am – 4 June 2018
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Post twitter @nomanaziz83
When the people of both countries started to oppose Swara, a user Jayanti wrote, “Let’s do a good job that Hindustan-Pakistan has agreed on one thing.”


@ jayati_patel1
Replying to @ImranSh77327489 and 4 others being replying
Chalo is one of the things that has been done … why is Hindu-Pakistan going to teach you

12:26 AM – 4 June 2018
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The film ‘Veer The Wedding’ was released on June 1.

It has Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and Shikhaa Dalsiya with Swara Bhaskar.

This is the story of four friends who revolve around marriage, family and social problems.

This film has been in the discussion due to its subject and it has performed well at the box office.

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