Why Muslim Womens are ’embarrassed’ in Ramzan

_101848554_f0617b36-4bad-4a19-ba7f-09b06a75372f.jpgMuslim women who are going through menstruation, do not have a rasa.

On social media, such women are discussing the challenges of food in the days of Ramzan.

Some women say that they hide and eat so that the men of the house do not know while others say that they have to lie about menstruation.

Sophia Jamil told , “Some people do not want to accept this problem because they think that Islam shows religion in a negative way, but this is a problem.”

In the month of Ramzan, Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset. During this time they do not eat anything or drink anything.

But women living through menstruation can not keep their fast.

But some women say that in the month of Ramadan, they can not talk to their families about menstruation and they have to hide this point.
A 21-year-old beauty blogger says, “My mother used to tell me that if menstruation is happening then men do not know, only girls of the house know.”

“Whenever I used to drink water and saw my father coming, he kept his glass and went away. My mother kept feeding in my room and told me to eat quietly.”

Sophia of Pakistani origin living in New York says, “Once upon a time my brother saw me eating, I had to chew my teeth and he was staring at me, trying to catch me eating so that he could embarrass me.”
“I should have had such courage that I can say that this is a natural process and my religion says that I do not keep Ramzan in the monthly religion because I am not holy.”

Sophia says that menstruation is a topic about which her mother was still talking and she had not told them about it until her adolescence.

She says, “I think women should accept menstruation and change the mindset of the people who have this in mind. There should be more talk about this and our generation can change if it wants.”

Rules of Ramadan
In the month of Ramzan, fasting Muslims can not eat anything from sunrise to sunset. They can neither create physical relations.

Every day there is a need to make a daily routine before keeping the fast. Roses can be used for the night before bedtime or during Sahri’s time.

But women passing through menstruation can not be fasting, neither can read Quran or go to the mosque.

In the event of pregnancy, illness, physical or mental weakness, over age, on a journey, due to fasting, due to any type of life threatening or even thirsty, the rosary can be left.
Saberin Imtiair, President of the Muslim Students Association told the BBC that people wanted to help talk about menstruation and the associated menstruation, and tweeted about this to start talking about this.

She says, “There is openness about such things in my family, but some girls, especially in Ramzan, do not eat anything in front of the family members and feel embarrassed during this time.”
Saberin, 18, says, “It is assumed to be stigma.” To hide the menstruation and to embarrass it, it promotes patriarchy, which also affects opinion on femininity. ”

Though Saberin has a different experience. They eat openly in front of everyone in their house during menstruation.
She says, “I went to take some food for myself, my brother had a fast, he asked why I was ordering, so I told that I have periods and he was comfortable with it.”

Although Saberin believes that menstruation should be talked openly and openly.
She says, “My mother taught me to use pads and deal with bleeding but did not tell how to talk to people about this.”

‘I did not talk to anyone about this till recently. This is something which is considered a tarnish, but we all have periods. This is normal and we should consider it as normal. “

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