When drones were used instead of women

_101934044_457f5f7f-9279-4c79-a5d8-4b17ec33f275.jpgImagine what if the drops are used to replace the models in fashion shows? Something similar happened in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

There was a need for women to showcase clothing in a fashion show or simply put it in words. But, instead of women, the clothes were shown through drones.

But with the support of the drone, the show was less and less scary than the show.

Hanging in the room’s zeros and swinging around, this view of this clothing looked like a horror movie scene. As if ghosts or invisible powers are roaming around the clothes

Ali Nabil Akbar, one of the organizers of the fashion show, proudly said in an interview to BBC Arab that it is the first show of its kind in a Gulf country.

They said that it took two weeks to prepare. Nabil also said that only the clothes that were suitable for the holy month of Ramzan were performed through the drone.

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In the social media this anger was also seen and laughing about this whole incident. Some people are very upset that Saudi Arabia has not given women the right to go on the ramp.

At the same time, some people used to laugh when they used the drone and they shared the shares.

Valerie wrote, “Saudi Arabia, where drones have more rights than women.”

Gina wrote, “I want to go to a fashion show in Saudi Arabia. There were no models at all.”


بعد انتشار خبر ظهور الاشباع في المملكة السعودية تبين انه عرض ازياء 😂🤪🤦🏻♂️

3:43 pm – 7 June 2018
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Posted by Twitter @MowatinTafran

There are many types of restrictions on women’s clothing in Saudi Arabia. According to the law here, it is mandatory for women to wear hijab and abaaya (loose chewed dress) in public places.

Although Jeddah is one of the few cities in Saudi Arabia, where women are considered to be relatively free.
There have been many changes in the society here under the reign of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. It is a refreshing example for women to get the right to drive.

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