That history of Coca-Cola, which Rahul Gandhi does not know

_101971456_32222419_462753757492351_5505438154032676864_o.jpgCongress President Rahul Gandhi has described the Coca-Cola Cup as a ‘new history’.

In a Delhi program, Rahul Gandhi said on Monday, “You tell me who started the Coca-Cola company? Who was this? Someone knows? I will tell you who were they? Who started the Coca-Cola company He was a screw solder, he used to sell sugarcane in the USA, he used to mix sugar in water, his experience, the honor of the master, got the money and got the Coca-Cola company. Who started the McDonald company? Can anyone tell he ran eat house . You show me that eat houser which made Coca-Cola Company in India. Where is he? ”

This statement of Rahul Gandhi is being discussed on social media. The reason is that Rahul Gandhi’s coca-cola company told the misinformation and mixing Coca-Cola and McDonald in his statement.

Actually, not the person who sells any sculpture to Coca-Cola Company, but started by Atlanta’s farmist John Pemberton.

Let’s first tell you how the Coca-Cola Company was started.
When and how did Coca-Cola begin?

Production in the Coca-Cola Company started in 1886. According to Coca-Cola’s website, one afternoon, the farmer John Pemberton made a fluid in his lab. He brought this substance out of Jacob Pharmacy.

In this substance, water containing soda was mixed. John Pemberton tasted it to some people standing there. Everyone liked this new drink. It is decided to sell one glass of this drink at a rate of five cents.

Frank Robinson, who accounted for Pemberton’s bookkeeper, named this mixer as Coca-Cola. Since then, the 132-year-old Mixture is known only by the name of Coca-Cola. Robinson believed that having two ‘C’ in the name would benefit the company.

Only nine glasses were sold daily in the first year of making Coca-Cola. But today about two billion bottles of Coca-Cola are sold daily in the world.

Coca-Cola can not be bought in just two countries in the world. These are two countries – Cuba and North Korea. This is because of US sanctions. Although there are also media reports, in which it was claimed that the steak hidden in North Korea has been sold to these drinks.

Coca-Cola first liquidated liquor
‘Kiss’ will not run in Coca Cola’s advertisement
Coca Cola will remove ‘controversial substance’


LIVE: Congress President @RahulGandhi addresses the #OBCSammelan

1:36 pm – 11 June 2018

LIVE: Congress President @RahulGandhi addresses the #OBCSammelan
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Coca-Cola when working in World War

From the 1900s the company started bottling work in Asia and Europe.

According to  report in 2012, the Coca-Cola Company got a great advantage because of World War II, when American soldiers in foreign countries were provided with Coca-Cola.

During World War II, Coca-Cola had 60 militry bottling plants worldwide. Local people also benefited from this.

It was believed that Dwight Eisenhower, the Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe, was a big fan of Coca-Cola, and he confirmed that it was available in North Africa.

Tom Standage, author of ‘A History of the World in Six Glasses’ says that Coca-Cola has been effectively influenced by American patriotism. It was considered so important during the war that it was given exemption from sugar rationing.

When, where did Coca-Cola protest?

Coca-Cola had to face protests in many countries too. It included rumors in which Coca-Cola was said to be harmful for health.

Firstly France named it ‘Coca Colonization’ in the 1950s. Coca-Cola’s trucks were overturned and bottles were broken.

According to report in 2012, Standage said – “Protesters were beginning to believe Coca-Cola was a threat to French society.”

Standing said, “It was not marketed in the Soviet Union, because there was a fear that it might not go in the safe-room of the communist government.”

Pepsi completed this shortcoming and sold well here.
When the Berlin Wall collapsed in 1989, many people living in East Germany filled with Coca-Cola. Standing says, “drinking coca-cola became a symbol of freedom.”

Apart from the Soviet Union, in which areas Coca-Cola had to fight, it was the Middle East. Here the Arab League boycotted it, because it was sold in Israel.

Because of this, Pepsi was sold well in the Middle East. Many local forms of this drink appear in the Middle East.

In the year 2003, in Thailand against the American action on Iraqi people, the people sacked Coca Cola on the streets and there for some time their sale was also stopped.

Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had also threatened to ban coca-cola. There was also a time when Hugo Chavez of Venezuela had appealed to people to drink localized fruit juice instead of Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
People’s pinch on Rahul Gandhi’s statement …

In this way people have started taking jokes on social media on the knowledge of Rahul Gandhi’s Coca-Cola Company.


Rajiv Gandhi showing the way forward for poor people with Coca-Cola

2:57 PM – 11 June 2018
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#AccordingToRahulGandhi is the top trend according to ‘Rahul Gandhi’ on Twitter. People are giving a lot of gigantic captions of photographs by quoting Rahul Gandhi.


Smoking Skills
Starbucks owner #AccordingToRahulGandhi 😂

3:08 pm – 11 June 2018
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The user named Athlete Krishna, while sharing the picture of the Beatles drinking Coca-Cola, wrote: – The Beatles drink sculpture.


PhD in Bakchodi
The Beatles drinking Shikanji. #ThantToRahulGandhi

2:45 pm – 11 June 2018
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Posted by Twitter @Atheist_Krishna
A user named The Lining Lama, while sharing a picture of Saif Ali Khan and his mastermind – Saif started his career in a petrol pump before becoming a famous actor.


Saif Ali Khan started as a petrol pump attendant before he became a famous actor. #AccordingToRahulGandhi

4:48 pm – 11 June 2018
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One Twitter user wrote while sharing a picture of Johnny Lever – According to Rahul Gandhi, it is Graham Bell.


Uttara Prachand se hu Bhench * d
Graham Bell #AccordingToRahulGandhi

3:36 pm – 11 June 2018
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‘And this is the ride of a fugitive.’

Ferrari ki sawari # AccordingToRahulGandhi

5:07 pm – June 11, 2018
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Posted by Twitter @Mizaaj_
‘Jab We Met’ is one of the hotel’s famous scenes in the film. While sharing the picture of an artist appearing in this scene, a user named DK wrote – These Oyo is the owner of the rooms.


Owner of OYO rooms


4:20 pm – 11 June 2018
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Twitter Twitter @itsdhruvism
Ankur wrote while sharing the picture captured by Nehru: According to Rahul, Nehru ji sent the first rocket on the moon.


Nehru ji launching first rocket to moon in 1949 # AccordingToRahulGandhi

3:28 pm – 11 June 2018
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A parody account also shared the picture of ‘owner’ of the Coca-Cola Company on behalf of Rahul.


Paresh Rawal fn
Coca Cola’s owner in his earlier days .. selling Shinkanji .. #AccordingToRahulGandhi

3:39 pm – 11 June 2018
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