Story of gonfalonier Ramo Biruva from ‘Azad Kolhan’

_102172103_ramo-birua-last-public-appereance.jpgRamo Biruva, who has been in the headlines by declaring himself to be the ‘Crab Number One’ (ruler) of a separate Kolhan estate, died in Chibasala jail in Jharkhand on Thursday. He was 87 years old.

Police arrested Ramo Biruva on June 1 for treason and he was in judicial custody since then.

Police say that, on the morning of June 21, he was taken to Sadar Hospital when he was suffering from diarrhea, where he had died before reaching. But the family of Ramo Biruva is not sure about the police’s claim.

Who were the Ramo Biruva
A village in the western Singhbhum district of the Kolhan region is the ‘Bhagabila’. Born in this village of Manjari block, Ramo Biruwa was the administrative officer of the Bihar government.

During this time he worked on several important positions. After retiring in 1991, he was living in ancestral village with his wife Janaki Biruva.
Ramo Biruva with wife Janaki
During this time, he advocated the independent existence of the Coalhan region, citing Wilkinson, applied in the British rule. They claimed that this area can not be part of the Indian republic

He also wrote letters to the Queen of Britain and the President of India and on the basis of the acknowledgment received from him, he declared himself the number one (ruler) of the Kolhan region (Jharkhand’s eastern and western Singhbhum and Saraykela Kharswa district).

He also created a team for the governance of his government system, some of which are still in jail.

Flag of ‘Cologne country’

Editor of Daily Jamshedpur of daily Hindus says that Ramo Biruah had written letters to the Deputy Commissioner and other officials of Chaibasa. After the complaints regarding the recovery of Malguzari, police report was filed against them in April 2017 and they were arrested. After a few days, he got bail.

According to Amarnath Singh, “After coming out of jail, on 18th of December 2017, they announced the flag hoisting of a separate Cologne country in the Khuntanchi area of ​​West Singhbhum district and gave it the name of the ‘200th Bloodless Recession Day’.
Amarnath Singh said, “The police got active again and a case of sedition was registered against dozens of people including Biruva, due to the police’s promptness, they could not flag the flag on the date declared, but some people near Jamshedpur The flagged the flag.The Bagbeeda police station also registered a report by seizing the flag and after that he became underground.

Of your Belkhud Grant

When the police arrested Ramo Berruva on June 1, with the allegation of treason, he was with his wife.

Local journalists said that after the police was arrested, they applied the paper and as a coalition ruler, their own Bell Grant Then they wore the cap (the identity of the ruler), then the police could take them.
Ramo Biruva
It was his second arrest and since then he was locked in the Chaibasa jail. Meanwhile, according to the police, he died due to illness.

Family suspect on death

Chaibasa jail superintendent Jitender Kumar told the BBC, “Ramo Biruva was ill, a board of doctors in jail was treating him.” On June 17, he was taken to Sadar Hospital after chest pain. He was given medicines and when the condition was normal, he was taken back to the jail. On Thursday morning, when we were unconscious, we were taking him to Sadar Hospital, then on his way Page went on. ”

Sumo, daughter of Ramo Biruva, does not consider it a normal death. He accused the administrative officials of negligence.
Sumitra Biruva
Sumitra said that her father was caught in false allegations and due to this the police could not confirm the allegations so far.

They told , “The government and the administration have killed him by conspiring because my father used to talk about the rights of tribals in the area, so that the administration was in trouble.”

Sumitra further says, “If he was really ill then the jail administration should have been informed to our family, why was he hidden from his illness? When he became sick on 17th, we should be told about this. Was. ”
Bablu Biruva
Rambo Biru’s son Bablu Biruva says that the government should withdraw cases registered against his father.

Bablu said, “My father died in jail, we are not staying with him in the last time, this can not be a big misery, the government should now release them from false allegations.”

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