Social: Sushma Swaraj is on ‘target’ of Hinduists


After helping to build the passport of a Hindu woman who married a Muslim youth, now Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj is on the target of Hinduism on social media.

Tanvi Seth had alleged that Mishra, who was posted in the Lucknow Passport Office, discriminated on the basis of religion with him.

Tanvi’s husband Anas Siddiqui had told the media that she was asked to change her religion and take revenge.

Tanvi tweeted while tagging Sushma Swaraj, after which the passport office issued the passport and issued a passport to them.

After receiving the passport, Tanvi Seth had said, “We expect that this should not happen to anyone else. Our wedding took 11 years and we never had to face such a situation. Later the authorities apologized and ours Issued a passport.

Passport office officer Vikas Mishra, who was stranded in the dispute, told the media in his purge, “I had told Tanvi Seth to write the name Sadiya Anas written in the affidavit but they refused. We have to investigate thoroughly so that we can ensure that You can do that by changing a name and not getting a passport. ”

Transfer of Officer who changed the religion
After these allegations Vikas Mishra was transferred from Lucknow to Gorakhpur. After discussing this issue on social media, some Hindu groups formed a campaign in support of Vikas Mishra.

Passport was issued to Tanvi Seth but after examining the entire process, his passport could be further investigated.

Among all this, Sushma Swaraj’s page is given a negative rating on Facebook.

On Twitter, Sushma Swaraj is being accused of Muslim appeasement.


Arnab Goswami
I have followed Viva Mata on Twitter for a very long time … I do not remember that she has solved any problem on her tweet on any Hindu … but whether it is a Muslim of Pakistan and a visa demand on Twitter Le so, Visa mata spot …
2B Cntd👇

7:17 pm – 23 June 2018
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Rajput Vipul Singh wrote on Twitter, “What was wrong with that officer, he did his duty, the extent of Muslim appeasement.”


Rajput Vipul Singh 🚩🚩
@ RoyalVipulRajp1
@SushmaSwaraj Madam, we respect you very much but it does not mean that you also support the wrong policies of how a fake passport can be found within 1 hour. What was the fault of the bogus Sadia Khan alias Tanvi Seth? The extent of Muslim appeasement performed duty

7:15 pm – 23 June 2018
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Rudra Rajpurohit wrote, “Vikas Mishra, who was above the sky while following the rule, and Sushma Swaraj went down from Hatha in the wake of secularism.”


Rudra Rajpurohit
Vikas Mishra, above the sky while following the rule & Sushma Swaraj went down from Hatha in the wake of secularism.

4:17 pm – 23 June 2018
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Posted by Twitter @Rudrahraj
Sachin Gupta wrote, “I am unfollowing you, because you held the passport officer without any preliminary inquiry only on the grounds that the complainant is a Muslim.”


sachin gupta
@ sachinm34077621
@SushmaSwaraj you are unfollowing, because you regard the Passport Officer without any initial investigation as a dossier on the basis that the complainant is a Muslim

7:26 PM – 23 June 2018
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While Sushma is pursuing a campaign to unfurl on Twitter, some people are reminding her works.

Sanjay Kumar wrote, “As the work of Foreign Minister Sushma ji has been commendable, should not we forget this?”


Sanjay Kumar 🇮🇳
Replying to @POKISOURS @SushmaSwaraj
As External Affairs Minister Sushma ji has been commendable, should not we forget this?

7:25 pm – 23 June 2018
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Sushma Swaraj is very active on social media. About 300,000 people are associated with their page on Facebook, and about 10 million 18 million people follow him on Twitter.

Sushma Swaraj is also known for solving the problems of common people through Twitter. Many people write about their problems while tagging Sushma and they often take action too.

When Tanvi Seth tweeted while tagging Swaraj, he directed the officials to take action.
India’s Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj is on a tour of Europe

Sushma Swaraj’s page is given a negative rating on Facebook, due to which her page rating is declining rapidly. After this controversy, more than twenty thousand people gave their page negative rating. Some people are also giving them positive ratings.

Separately, Batohi wrote, giving a negative rating to Sushma, “Because I support Vikas Mishra.”

Quit Facebook Post Prathak Post Finish Book Prathak
On the other hand, Avinash wrote on Facebook that Sushma is leading the Islamic appeasement.

Exclude Facebook Post Exclusive Post Fosters Exclusive
Giving five stars to Sushma, Hina Khan wrote, “A good politician of our time who is trapped in the wrong party.”
Tanvi Seth has privatized his Twitter account amidst this whole controversy.
Among the entire dispute, Tanvi Seth has privatized his account.
Why is the color of passport going to change?

Application for Passport Now in Hindi

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