Social: Scourge on Priyanka Chopra’s dialogue ‘indians with elaeocarpus ganitrus’


“It is not Pakistani. Elaeocarpus ganitrus’s neck is around its neck. It can not be in the neck of any Pakistani Muslim. This is an Indian nationalist who is trying to trap Pakistan. ”

This dialogue Priyanka Chopra is speaking in the American reality TV show ‘Quantico’. Quantico’s third season and episode fifth episode has become viral in social media and many Indians are criticizing Priyanka for this.

Indian social media users are trolling Priyanka with #ShameOnYouPriyankaChopra and #BoycottQuantico hashtags.
Quantico’s Season 3 name is ‘The Blood of Romeo’ and its plot is something like this:

When a professor of physics at a renowned university of America stole uranium stolen, then the whole team of the FBI gets involved in finding him. It is feared that Professor could use nuclear weapons to destroy a summit in New York.

Priyanka Chopra is in the role of FBI agent in Quantico. When his team caught some suspects, some members of the team suspect that he is a Pakistani. Then Priyanka Chopra looks in the neck of Rudraksha in the neck of a suspect and she speaks this dialogue.

Why does Priyanka not visit Kashmiri Pandits?
‘Why is this question asked?’
A clip of this episode also came to the social media in which the entire scene can be seen which is being debated.
This clip has been posted and posted “@AsliShotgun” and has been written, “The dishonesty of our country on an international show for some money and fame?”

Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri has also expressed anger towards Priyanka. He tweeted, “I respect your talent and courage but any true Indian refuses to be part of such show. It is not acceptable. ”
Deepali wrote, “I have been a big fan of you since 2003. In the Hollywood show, people talk about your international fan following and you have hurt your fans by calling India a terrorist country.”

Priyanka hits for reasons of dress
Priyanka Chopra apologized for the magazine cover
A user named Sandeep Tomar wrote, “It is heart-bothering that Priyanka did not even think of how most of India’s image would be damaged. You betrayed India.”
This is not the first time that Priyanka Chopra has been trolled on social media.

Earlier, he had been told about the clothes worn during Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also meeting the children of Rohingya Muslims.

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