Social: Mr Modi sent the first installment of 15 lakhs

_101817911_gettyimages-179343540.jpgOn Thursday, the oil companies decided to cut seven paise per liter of petrol and cut five paise in diesel on Thursday.

On Wednesday, the price of petrol in Delhi was 78.42 per liter, which has now reduced seven paise to Rs 78.35 per liter. At the same time, the price of diesel in Delhi has now gone upto Rs 69.25 per liter.

Today, after the exchange of petrol prices, it is the most expensive sold in Mumbai, where petrol per liter is 86.16 rupees. After this, it is sold at Rs 81.35 a liter in Chennai and Rs 80.98 in Kolkata.

In Mumbai, the price of diesel is Rs 73.73 per liter.
Prior to this, petrol-diesel was cheaper on Wednesday, which is a joke on social media.

In fact, the first 60 bucks were said to be cut, but later it was said that a money was wrongly written 60 paise.

Pull up on social media
The Modi government came to target this minor defect in the price of oil. A money has never been reduced, people have started to remember it. On the social media, the government began to get frozen.

Twitter has begun to compete with different hashtags. Today ie #EkPaiseKiSarkar is trending. It has been tweeted by Maulika Singh, Twitter Handle that this is the first installment of a penny of 15 lakhs.
Hemant Chaudhary Pulidunda tweeted, “Thank you for reducing the price of oil. Modiji, the citizens are happy because they will build the house with half the money and the rest of the BJP party wants to donate.”
Uttarkash Srivastava tweeted that the public will save this money, but after some time they will say that this is black money which has come back to the government.
Apart from these, Bihar’s former deputy chief minister and leader of Opposition, who is always active on Twitter, also tweeted about prices of petrol, including the prices of petrol.
At the same time, Congress President Rahul Gandhi tweeted that if it is a mischievous idea of ​​Prime Minister, then it is childish and tasteless.
Author Chetan Bhagat tweeted that it is not a penny but a liter of 10 rupees per liter.
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