Social- ‘Airtel, I should want Hindu customer care representative not Muslim, because …’

_102106132_046361292.jpgDear Shoaib, You are a Muslim and I am not sure about the morality of your work, because the Quran can have different things for the services of consumers. So I have a request from Airtel that a Hindu representative should be made available to me.

This tweet of a woman named Pooja Singh on social media is getting viral.

Pooja made a tweet to the Airtel company on Monday, “Airtel your DTH customer service is poor. I have made a complaint related to DTH. But the service engineer did bad work with me. His words were- Keep the phone, do not call again. In this way Airtel is looting its consumers. ”

This tweet of Pooja was answered by Airtel – we will soon talk to you about this complaint – Shoaib

See why Muslims live in tight colonies

If any consumer’s complaint is answered on behalf of Airtel, then in the end, the person also writes his name, who has responded on behalf of Airtel.

It is not necessary that only a representative representative from Airtel will respond to a consumer complaint.

After the tweet to talk to the Muslim representative of Pooja, the next tweet came from Airtel’s Twitter handle @Airtel_Presence.

This tweet was written, “Pooja that talked to you. Tell me what will be the right time to talk to you. Share your phone number with us so that you can be helped, Gaganjot. ”

Why will  talk  differently  on minors and Muslims ?

Shoaib to Gaganajot …
People on social media say that because of not talking to the Muslim representative of the worship, Airtel has received a reply from a Hindu representative.

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah tweeted, “Airtel I read the entire conversation on my timeline. I will not give a rupee to the company now. I am starting to port my number. Along with this I am also shutting down DTH and broadband facilities. ”
Pooja Singh’s tweet was answered by Airtel, “In Pooja Airtel, we do not discriminate between consumers and employees on the basis of religion or caste. We appeal to you like this. Shoaib and Gaganajot are part of our customer care team. ”
Airtel shared the statement on behalf of the company on Twitter on Wednesday morning. In this statement it was said that Shoaib had not logged in, hence Gaganjot replied, Gaganjot had not seen the religion of his associate before answering.
After the screenshot of this talk between Airtel and Pooja became viral, there were also people who used abusive language for worship.

Sharing the screenshot of these slanders, Pooja wrote, “Those who abused, I just demanded a Hindu representative instead of Muslim because my experience in the past has not been good and this is my right too. The kind of abuse I am facing after this is beyond my fantasies. It proves that I was right. ”
Journalist Barkha Dutt also tweeted, “Anti-Muslim Pooja Singh is telling himself the fan of the Indian Army. Pooja has embarrassed the uniform of Indian Army. ”

Umar R Quraishi writes on Twitter: “Airtel India has converted the Muslim Customer Care Executive from Muslim to Hindu. Shameful. ”

@vk_bharatiya wrote, “Pooja took the perfect step. It is okay to openly blame any Goddess goddess. But a Hindu representative is telling the person to change. ”

Ashish Ramesh wrote, “A girl talks about her heart and what is evil in it. But some people surrounded him too. ”

A user named Ali Khan wrote, “This is Hindu, it is a Muslim. Where is the person? ”
How is social media doing your sleeping?

61 thousand tweets in four years
According to Pooja Singh’s Twitter Bio, he is a resident of Lucknow. Work in a management company.

Pooja Singh has been on Twitter since 2014 and has so far tweeted more than 61 thousand.

Apart from this, he tells Prad Bharti, Proud Hindu and also the love for the army in Twitter Bio, for whom the nation is the first to be.

Social media is making you sick

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