Press Review: Clue claim in Shujaat Bukhari murder case


In the case of the murder of editor of The Rising Kashmir, Shujaat Bukhari, the Jammu and Kashmir Police Department has taken a major clue.

According to the Hindustan Times, the police has expressed that they will settle the matter of the matter by the end of June.

A police officer, who is involved in the investigation of this murder, has said that extremists have killed Shujaat Bukhari on directions from across the border as they were trying to establish peace in the valley.

The police officer says that extremists are not considered as separatist leaders in the murder of Shujaat, but the police has identified the killers.

Many questions arising from the murder of journalist Shujaat Bukhari

Another Major has been arrested in connection with the murder of a Major, wife of Dayanand in the Kent area of ​​Delhi.

According to a news published in the Times of India, the police, investigating the murder of Major Amit Dwivedi’s wife Shelaja Dwivedi, within 24 hours, arrested Nikhil Handa, an officer of the Major rank, from near Meerut Cantt.

The police reached the accused on the basis of the details of the CCTV footage and Selja phone call in Delhi Cantt complex.

On Saturday, the accused had slaughtered Shaalja’s neck sand, and after that the vehicle was handed over to the body.

It has been reported in the news that Handa and Selja had an old relationship and when Selja began to distance them from them, they got into trouble after being disturbed by this fact.

PNB to withdraw loan
Punjab National Bank has already started withdrawing the issue of the loan. Taking lessons from the matter of Nirvava Modi, PNB put on approximately one thousand of its 6900 branches to get the work of getting the old loan back on June 1, according to the news published in Indian Express.

The paper has written with the sources that the bank has created a recovery cell in all its branches through which it can get the maximum loan back till June 2018. It has been reported that the bank has been engaged in the work of withdrawing the loan to the bank employees who have different jobs.

Rs 11,360 crore scam in PNB

Supreme court reinstates file of appointment of son of ex-judge
The Central Government returned the recommendation of appointment of a judge in the Allahabad High Court, two lawyers, including son of a former judge of Supreme Court.

According to this news published in the public, the files of these appointments were sent under the Coliseum system. The government has returned their names citing complaints against both the lawyers.

The names of these two lawyers are Mohammed Mansoor and Basharat Ali Khan. Of these, Mansur is the son of former Supreme Court judge late Sagir Ahmed. Earlier, the Central Government had once again returned a file containing the recommendation of Mansur and Khan’s name.

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