People in peace for stoppage on adventure sports


A decision in the Uttarakhand High Court has raised the concerns of entrepreneurs in the business of adventure sports in Uttarakhand.

In its order, the High Court has banned paragliding along with the White River Rafting and other adventure games that run on all the rivers of the state. These restrictions are being implemented on Sunday.

As long as the state government does not make any policy for the control of these games, it will be banned. The court has ordered the state government to make a ‘transparent policy’ in this regard within two weeks.

The bench of Justice Rajiv Sharma and Justice Lok Pal Singh of the Uttarakhand High Court gave this order while hearing a public interest petition, in which the petitioner gave ‘security’ and ‘environment’ on private companies for rafting and camping in Ganga river in Rishikesh. They were accused of violating the rules.

The court has said in its order, “Tourism should be encouraged but it needs to be controlled. These games of fun can not be allowed to be a tragic end. ”
On the other hand, following the order of the High Court, many tourists who had reached Rishikesh for river rafting on the first weekend were disappointed. Ritika Panwar, who reached Rishikesh from Chandigarh with her four friends, was prebooking for rafting. But due to restrictions on rafting, they could not rafting. They told , “We used to come to Rishikesh river rafting from such a distance but we were not allowed to do rafting while we were pre-bidding.”

Vikas Sauran, who has come to Rafting from Jhajjar in Haryana, is suddenly angry with the sudden rafting stance, “How can a rapprochement be stopped suddenly? Hundreds of tourists who have been planning for rafting have become disturbed. At least for this, the Uttarakhand government should first inform the matter. This is a cheat with us. ”

Meanwhile, rafting agencies that take prebooking are returning the money to the customers by canceling the booking but they are facing customers’ resentment. Ajay Singh, manager of Gautam & Gautam Group, points out, “We have been returning prebooking money but the tourists are very angry and we have to face their anger.”

This order of the court that came in this ‘peak season’ of summer holidays has put entrepreneurs in river rafting and paragliding across the state.

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Pradeep Bobby, owner of ‘Riddhi Siddhi Rafting’, an agency that performs river rafting in Rishikesh says, “In Rishikesh alone, almost ten thousand people depend on river Rafting somehow for their livelihood. This Row Jagar is not given to any government by them but they themselves have made themselves for themselves. In such a situation, if rafting is banned, then it will end the livelihood of so many people. ”

Pradeep Bobby goes on to say, “Risk is always associated with the Sah Cic Games. But this does not mean that the adventure games are closed. There are adventure sports around the world, we make all the security arrangements according to the rules. ”
Devendra Singh Rawat, president of Uttaranchal Fineest Outdoor Association, an organization of river rafting, says that there is already a policy regarding River Rafting in Uttarakhand and on the basis of it, under the guidance of Agencies, trained and licensed holders River Rafters They are doing fine.

Rawat says, “Rattling in Uttrakhand happens only according to the rules. Prior to Uttarakhand, rafting was done according to the UP government’s 1989 GO and when the separate state was created, the Uttarakhand government made its policy and passed it in 2014. Which was amended in 2015. Accordingly, river rafting is done in the state. ”

Rawat says that the Hashik Games have provided employment to the locals in Uttarakhand and have done the work to stop migrations.

He says, “Rishikesh is not scattered around the mountains of the 70 km area like other areas because people have got employment through river rafting and other adventure games. But if it closes, people will be forced to leave the village. ”
On the other hand, this order of the court has raised the concerns of people running paragliding jobs across the state.

“The paragliding has been banned in this order, we can not understand why,” said Nitesh Bisht, vice president of ‘Bhimtal Paragliding Association’. Paragliding does not harm the environment nor does it have any other disadvantages. We fulfill all standards. We have a license issued by both ‘Arrow Clubs’ and the District Administration. But even then paragliding has been banned. This is wrong. With this we will lose the job of the people. ”

On the other hand, on the order of the court, Uttarakhand Tourism Department secretary Dilip Javalkar says, “There is already a rule in relation to rafting under which licenses are distributed and the equipment is also verified. We will bring it to the notice of the Honorable Court. Also, in addition to the other water-based adventure sports and paragliding questions, the process is in the final stages And we are in a position to issue it. ”

The court has also trampled the Uttarakhand government for its permission to allow camping in River Beds. The court has said in its order, “We are shocked to know that the state government is allowing camping in River Beds. Pollution is spreading in the river and surrounding environment and ecosystems. ”

Although tourism secretary Dilip Jawalkar does, “Tourism Department has not leased any agency for camping on riverbase. If an agency is camping like this then it is illegal and action will be taken on it. ”

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