Opinion: Emergency of Indira, Advani’s fears and JP’s struggle

_102184935_7a7a30bb-c577-44e9-88fc-0cc3154757b7.jpgOn the dark night of the 25th of June, the nation was stripped of the civil rights by handing over the country to emergency and censorship.

Political opponents were picked up from their homes, bases and put in jails. The censorship lock was rooted on the freedom of expression.

All the same was printed in the letters and the same was broadcast on Akashwani that the government wanted at that time. Before publication, the material had to be sent to the government official and it had to be censored.

It was this that after reaching the peak of inflation, corruption and unemployment, students and youths across the country were busy pursuing non-violent and disciplined ways of 72 years old Socialist-Sarvoday Leader, Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan.

The entire revolution movement spreading like the forest fire in other parts of the country, spreading the periphery of Gujarat and Bihar. This movement shook not only the Congress governments of the states but also the government of Almighty Indira Gandhi in the center.

On 12 June 1975, Justice Jagmohan Lal Sinha, the Allahabad High Court’s historic decision came.
Justice Jagmohan Lal Sinha
Justice Sinha declared that the Prime Minister’s parliamentary election was declared invalid by pronouncing a decision on the petition filed by socialist leader Rajnarayan challenging Indira Gandhi’s Lok Sabha election from Rae Bareli in his decision. With the cancellation of his Lok Sabha membership, he had declared himself ineligible for election for six years.

On June 24, the Supreme Court had also stamped this judgment, though the Supreme Court had allowed him to remain Prime Minister. He could go to the Lok Sabha but could not vote.


Listen to what happened outside and outside the Allahabad court, Mohan Lal Sharma
In the event of not leaving Indira’s post the next day, on June 25, JP called for an indefinite countrywide movement. In the Ramlila Maidan of Delhi, JP announces the line of famous poet Ramdhari Singh Dinkar’s famous poem – ‘Empty the throne that the people come’.

JP said in his speech, “My friends are telling that I can be arrested because we have called the army and police not to accept the wrong orders of the government.”

“I am not afraid of this, and I repeat my call to this rally today, so that people sitting in the Parliament, listen to some distance. I call on all police personnel and soldiers today to not obey the orders of this government. Because this government has lost its legitimacy to rule. ”
Rally of Jai Prakash Narayan in Ramlila Maidan
Indira Gandhi, after considering her younger son Sanjay Gandhi, Law Minister Hariram Gokhale and some special advisors such as Chief Minister of West Bengal, Siddharth Shankar Ray, after using the Constitution 352 of the Constitution, in view of the ‘internal fuss’ President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed had issued an order to impose an ‘internal emergency’ in the country.

Justice Sinha, who could not bow down Indira Gandhi
The decision that was heavy on Indira Gandhi …
When JP asked Indira, how will your expenditure go?
Ramlila Maidan: Jinnah, JP, Indira to Kejriwal
Those days of emergency
I was also the victim of the emergency or the ones facing it. Then I was a student of Christian College of Allahabad University and was active in socialist movement and JP movement under the banner of Samajwadi Yuvraj Sabha.

After the announcement of the Emergency we went to our village Kathgharashankar-Madhuban located in Mau District (Azamgarh) of that time, but the police did not leave there. We were arrested in the first week of July with George Fernandes ‘counterpart’ newspaper.

We had a police complaint that we were selling banned ‘counterpart’ newspapers, slogans against the emergency and were planning a robbery in the Union Bank located next to the Madhuban police station. We were doing all this work together.
George Fernandes
Under DIR and 120-B, we were handed over to Azamgarh District Prison. On August 15, 1975, my father, a freedom fighter, Vishnudeva, along with his supporters, was arrested and sent to Azamgarh jail, protesting against the Emergency.

We used to sleep in the same barracks of father-son Azamgarh jail for months on face-to-face sleepers sleepers.


Many adjectives can be added with Jaya Jaitley.
Contact with underground life and honey Limaye
After spending several months in jail, we got payroll-bail in the name of examination but once we got out of the jail, we did not return again. Became active in the underground movement against the emergency.

In that sequence, in different parts of the country, including Allahabad, Varanasi and Delhi, coordination and collaboration with the struggles of the people, contribute to the publication and distribution of news papers emerging from place of place in place of emergency was the main work. .

Letter is communicated with the Socialist leader Madhu Limaye, lodged in Bhopal Prison. He used to give us a sonly affection. From them we got addresses of all socialist leaders and workers all over the country. Our correspondence with Madhu was in ‘Code Words’. In response to one of our letters, for example, Madhu wrote, “Popat’s father got your letter.” In the letter, along with other details he wrote, “Your god Bihari.”
Madhu Limaye

Intelligence Congress Radio’s Untold Story
Madhu Limaye was shocked to see the party
In the life of Jaya Jaitley, ‘scorpion’ and ‘sting’
This thing was known to the people of Madhu ji in the socialist movement that the name of his son Aniruddha Limaye’s house was parrot and Madhu Ji was a MP from Banka in Bihar. In another letter, he told that “Sharadchand went to Indore.” That is, they were closed with “Sharad Yadav was transferred to Indore Jail.”

When Indira Gandhi made the 42nd Amendment in the Constitution, while critically describing her, Madhu wrote a long book against her and sent her handwritten copy to us so that it could be broadcast-broadcast. With this he wrote a letter that if the manuscript is found then write that “medicine has been found in asthma.”

There was also lack of economic resources at that time. Madhu ji wrote to many people that

The ‘Vishnu son’ (i.e.) is acting in jeopardy. Help it every possible way ‘, the people who wrote this letter included lawyer Shanti Bhushan and Congress Chief Minister Hemwantinand Bahuguna, who resigned.

Of these, socialist background leaders and advocates were constantly helping us. Staying hidden in their homes, food and opportunities, some financial help was also common with the Bhabhis.


Madhu Limaye played the role of being a Member of Parliament with great enthusiasm.
With the letter of Madhu Ji, I and socialist leader Vinay Kumar Sinha also met Chaudhary Charan Singh and Chandrabhanu Gupta in Lucknow. We were very angry with a political verdict of Chaudhry Sahab.

He had announced to participate in the election of the Legislative Council during the Emergency, while we believed that Indira Gandhi wanted to pretend to survive democracy even during the election of the Legislative Council and hence the opposition should boycott her.

We and Vinay ji wrote a letter of this letter to Chaudhary Charan Singh. In reply, Chaudhary Sahab’s letter came that the people who boycott the election of the Legislative Council are not the enemies involved in democracy.


On the life of Chaudhary Charan Singh on the 114th anniversary of his life, Rehan Fazal’s interpretation
After the end of the Emergency, Madhu had told us how he got our letter (procurement) in the prison without getting uncensored. They used to smuggle their letters in a similar way, sometimes even at the hands of their wife Champa ji.

Emergency Lessons!
Indeed, the emergency was a characteristic of a particular political culture and trend that was applied by Indira Gandhi but in the later days, monopolistic tendencies have more or less seen in all political parties and leaders.

BJP’s veteran leader LK Advani had not spoken out of the fear of being present in these trends three years ago and the future of emergency will not apply in the future, the manner in which the work of the Emergency has not completely ended, In the years of his life, he got to see only the bulge.
Lal Krishna Advani
After the Janata Party’s government, which was created by the struggle against the Emergency, our ‘democracy lovers’ probably made the first non-democratic work that the elected state governments of the nine states have been sacked.

Contrary to Misa, it was not at all hesitant to propose to the ruling people to install mini-meat in the country. It is no surprise to say that my last arrest was done only during the rule of the Janata Party and with that one disillusionment with active politics.

In the later days, many such incidents came when our ‘democracy lovers’ emerged from the womb of pregnancy openly advocated and implemented the more deadly and dreaded laws to deal with the challenges to their power.
That is the reason why the general public should not only warn of emergency but also those dangerous political tendencies, which, in a democratic way, lead people to become dictatorship while celebrating the Emergency.

These tendencies have always been on the path of suppressing the rich versus the battle of the poor, and then putting forth blind nationalism based on religious fanaticism to suppress the voices of their opponents and disagreements.

Whether they belong to a party or in a state, people who are in power and these trends need to be careful not only to be careful but also to make them aware and prepared by the general public.

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