JAMMU & KASHMIR: What will be the impact of the alliance breakdown on 2019 elections?


After the break-up of BJP-PDP alliance in Jammu and Kashmir, the governor’s rule has begun.
Political experts believe that the BJP has come out of the alliance with understanding in order to take advantage of it in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

How does regional politics of Jammu and Kashmir affect the country’s mood? The BBC asked the question two experts – journalist Bharat Bhushan and former negotiator Radha Kumar in Jammu and Kashmir to understand the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir’s governor’s rule for the 8th time, why not the President’s rule?
Mehbooba Mufti: From the shadow of the Father to its existence
Senior Journalist Bharat Bhushan’s View
The impact of the demolition of PDP-BJP in Jammu and Kashmir will affect the politics of both the state and the nation. The BJP felt that its hold in Jammu was getting weak.

Separating from the coalition, the BJP wants to give the message that their action against extremism can only be concrete when it will be the center of the center.

Ram Madhav said at the press conference that the state government failed in this. The way things were doing, it seemed as if the PDP had failed, but this failure was the coalition government, which included both BJP and PDP.
What the BJP is doing now is keeping the elections in 2019. This will increase the polarization at the state and the country level.

The military activities in the Governor’s rule will be faster. BJP will also try to control extremist incidents through the army, in the next Lok Sabha elections.

Why did India decide to not increase the siegefire?
JK: Whose profit, whose loss?
Communal polarization

All the BJP legislators came first to Delhi, after which the decision was taken. It is true that there were differences between the two parties regarding seizure. Mehbooba Mufti wanted that the seizfire should be carried forward.

Although it has two advantages First, it seems that the government wants to resume the peace process, even if it can not. Secondly, the deaths of ordinary citizens were reduced during this period.

Stoneing incidents did not occur during the season. The police and the army did not have to firing.

The BJP wants to tell the country in the forthcoming elections that her government is taking action against Muslim extremists. This will benefit them.

BJP itself has dropped its own government The BJP had to move from Kashmir to Kanyakumari with its party. Being out of government in Kashmir means that the party is realizing that it is getting weak.

The BJP has always had success with communal polarization. This decision has also been taken so.

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Radha Kumar’s viewpoint remained in Kashmir
According to me, withdrawing the seizfire so soon, it is a wrong decision. Its effect would be bad. Especially, before you stop the seizfire, then withdraw support from the government.

After each other, both decisions are incorrect. Whatever has happened in Kashmir in the last few days, it has made the situation serious. First Shukat Bukhari was killed, then the government’s fall.

Organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed will be happy with this. If we look, circumstances are bad for the general public and their anger has increased. The breakdown of the coalition will further increase.

‘Terror raised his ugly head before Eid’
After all, who was in trouble with Bukhari

It is a thinking that this issue can be used in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. Things will be bad Now the governor will rule. Elections in Kashmir are not easy work.

Nothing has happened in the last four years in the name of peace process. It was hoped that something would happen, but it did not happen. Now back to the same situation.

The youth of Kashmir who have been born after the Kargil war and today in whose hands the stones are, they will never assume that efforts have been made to establish peace. They will be furious and the situation will get worse. Problems in the coming days will increase.

Jammu Kashmir: First BJP-PDP alliance broke, then what happened
JK: Whose profit, whose loss?

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