Ground Report: What is the truth so far in Khunti Gang rape


In Jharkhand, the alleged gang rape of five girls associated with a non-governmental organization that runs against human trafficking is in international headlines.

According to the police, five girls were abducted and gang raped in Khunti district.

Jharkhand’s DG RK Malik has said that the victims were forced to drink urine.

What was the event
The case belongs to Kochang village of Akki Block in Khunti district of Jharkhand. The date was June 19 and the time was 12 o’clock.

RC Mission School, 200 meters away from Cochang Chowk, where the five girls were allegedly abducted. The police arrested the principal Father Alfonso Aind, on charges of not disclosing the incident.
From here, five girls were abducted
There is a huge tree of tamarind present in the campus of this Mississi School. Under this tree on the day of the incident, the drama drama was doing street play to make people aware about human trafficking.

About 300 children and some villagers were present for the drama. There were five girls and three men in this play club.

These artists were doing drama drama that when five people riding on two motorcycles arrived there and after some questions and answers, they all took them in their car and forcibly moved towards the forest.

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Martin Soy of Cochang
Then there was also Martin Soy of Cochang. He said, “After the drama started, they had come to the square. Then the miscreants kidnapped girls. I’ve never seen bad guys before this. They were not of Cochang. In the evening, it was reported in the village that the miscreants beat up with the drama team. Then we did not know the rape of the people. When the police came to the village, we came to know that girls have been raped. Nearly 300 policemen came to the village on June 21 to arrest the principal of Father Alphonso Aind, the school principal. There were also female soldiers in it. They took Father Alphonso and two nuns with them. ”

Sophistication about Father Alphonse is that he is a good man and people of the whole village respect him.
Authorities have been declared as tribals in the constitution of India by throwing stones in Cochang village.
This village is part of the block of Khagati district of Jharkhand, but to reach the car here, it has to go to Bandgaon in West Singhbhum district.

From here there is a direct climb on a thin road that sits the mountain between thick forests and sometimes the same slope. Kochang arrives after half an hour on this road.

Most people on the way are seen on foot as there is lack of public transport services.

Question on the arrest of Principal
Tribal people adopted Christianity several decades ago in this area of ​​the peg district. Now there is a special effect of this religion.

Jharkhand Mukti Morcha MLA Paul Soren questioned the arrest of Father Alfonso, who reached Cochang to investigate the matter.

Soren says, “This government is working on the behest of the RSS and is anti-Christian, therefore the Tahdad Church of conspiracy is being defamed. Inhibitory action is being taken against all the Christian preachers in Jharkhand under section 107. And the people of administration are engaged in making a false story in this matter to satisfy their political masters. ”

He said, ‘If the police do not inform them of their crime, then the chief minister himself should come here and tell you how can anyone immediately send information from the village where there is no network?’
Jharkhand Mukti Morcha legislator Paul Soren
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Suffering women accused
The five women who are victims of the alleged gang rape are tribals and the peg is to stay in the district. One of them is a widow and two are unmarried. All of these are connected to the peg of NGOs who have got the job of promoting government schemes through plays. They make plays for their roti-roti.

In the report lodged in the police, the victims said, ‘They were three people. They put our clothes on the gun’s tip and took photographs. With this, also made the video and put wood in the genitals. After a few hours, we left us in that mission school of Cochang.

Further in the report it was also said, “Our male companions forced to drink urine and beat them up. Threatened that there should be no question in the area of ​​Panthladi. We told you that you are the agent of the police and you are distributing prescriptions in Daku language in Pathalthi area. ”
Social activist Lakshmi Bakhla
After this incident all were horrified. As soon as the peg came, the victims got the network and they told the whole event to social worker Lakshmi Bakhla. Bakhalla says, “By that time the night had passed and we were scared badly. I was not in the peg, so I did not tell anyone this thing at that time. The next day I sent this information to ADG Anurag Gupta in Ranchi through one of my friends. ”

ADG told PEG SP to inform the incident, who asked the victims to file a report. After this, the report could be recorded till Wednesday night.

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What does the police say
The police has arrested three people so far in this case. These include Principal Father Alphonse of the school.
Jharkhand Police spokesman and ADG RK Malik
Jharkhand Police spokesman and ADG RK Malik said, “Ganglape supporters and extremists have a hand in the gang rape. Its mastermind has been identified. Two separate reports have been lodged in the women police station of Sidi and Peg. The principal of the school has been taken on remand in both the cases. Soon the remaining accused will be arrested. ”

Shankar Mahli, active activist of the Pathholgarh campaign of the tribals, told the BBC, “Police have told the story on the behest of the government. If we are demanding our rule then the government is entrapping us. Sometimes we are told to be Naxalites, who once made opium farmer and now also made a rapist. There is no truth in this. ”

Meanwhile, a Panchayat has also been held in Kochang village in which the decision to punish people involved in the gangrape has been taken.

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