Ground Report: Stolen Solar Plates, Batteries, Motors and More

_102166246_untitleddesign-5.jpgJust fifty kilometers away from Delhi, we went to National Expressway 2 from Dasna town of Ghaziabad. After walking about 20 kilometers towards the district Baghpat, we stopped the car next to two boys walking on the road, they saw us and walked on.

There was a cloth in my hand, a cloth on the head, and a hand in both hands. Seeing them, they were going to take lunch for someone.

As long as I gave them the voice, both of the boys had descended to the far below thirty feet below the highway. I do not think they listened to me, but their answer was just that, “we do not know anything.”

Seeing their fear that the administration had made some rigidity on the highway and maybe it is the effect of the news, which has claimed that since the inauguration, the goods worth about 4 crore rupees have been stolen from the highway.

‘Our two-and-a-half million goods went away’
About 130 kilometers long Eastern Peripheral Expressway or the National Expressway-2 was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 27th May.

But within ten days of the inauguration, there were reports of missing luggage from the highway. A senior project manager of this highway, Piyush Bhavsar, has a long handle to the stolen goods.
The terrace of the underpass is also stolen from some places along with solar plates. Also some parts of the fountains are also missing.
They calculate where the solar plates have been lifted on the highway, how many battery batteries have been stolen, some water motors for the fountains are missing and the mouths of the fountains have been opened from somewhere.

Piyush Bhasar works for a construction company named Goodwill Engineering of Gujarat. This company has produced two (approx 50 kilometers) out of the six pieces of the Eastern Peripheral Expressway.

He says, “Under the expressway, there are around 200 under-passes, in which the Mercury lights have been set for light, they are missing from a lot of places, they are also lost in solar plates and batteries, which are under our control. In the same area, there is only about two and a half million rupees worth of goods missing. If you add them, then more will sit. ”

This person stole 120 TVs in four months!

The car was being taken to steal the luxury car!
Some companies have deployed personal security guard to protect these solar plates and batteries.
‘Road Guardrails Captured Open’

These days, on the highway, efforts are being made to save the railings of steel stitched on both sides of the road. In the past, people had taken the guardrail from some places, so now the nuts-bolts are being planted on a welding.

Starting from the horoscope of Haryana, this expressway passes through six parliamentary areas. Sonepat, Baghpat, Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad and Palwal
According to an estimate, around 50,000 trucks running between the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and other southern states will be allowed to be rescued daily from Delhi.
In Baghpat, where PM Modi inaugurated this highway after the meeting, the workers working there said that in the Khekda police station, the police had arrested two people while opening rail guard of the steel.

Although in the interaction with the BBC, DSP Vandana Sharma of Baghpat (Kankra Circle) did not say anything on Thursday’s incident, but she said, “There are a lot of complaints … 21 km of highway falls in Baghpat district. We have decided to deploy two vehicles for the patrol on the highway. We have caught a gang that steals the goods from the highway and the luggage has also been recovered from them. ”

Vandana Sharma refused to give information about the people caught in the charge of theft.
NHAI is also concerned about being stolen in eight solar power plants engaged in this green highway. NHAI claims that these plants will generate 4 MW electricity to illuminate this highway.
‘Shame for the society!’
In Uttar Pradesh, District Magistrate BN Singh of Gautam Buddha Nagar has also written a letter to the National Highway Authority, expressing concern over criminal incidents.

BN Singh says that 86 km of the highway is 132 kilometers in Uttar Pradesh, and 41 out of 86 km are in Gautam Buddha Nagar. So their concern about security is the biggest.

BN Singh condemned these incidents, saying, “It is a matter of shame for the society.”

Those villagers who lived on both sides of the highway, we talked about, their opinions are similar to BN Singh.

On the Delhi-Saharanpur route, we talked to some people in Kanta village adjacent to Yamuna. There is no one ready to speak on the camera in this case. But an elderly villager presented a small story.

He said, “There was a generator running from the engine to supply electricity to the first coaches of the train. There was a thick leather belt used to run it, the same belt used to work in many kinds of people. It used to be in a small factory, it was easily available in the market, but people thought that the goods of the railway would be strong then one stole it and saw it again. Industry Rail chain dragging deduct his belt to deter and deserted place. ”

Charlie Chaplin’s body was stolen from the grave

He told that in the 80’s and 90’s, the belt was famous for ‘rail strain’ in the countryside. People knew who is using such belts, but no one has ever spoken about it.

After that he smiled and said, “No one will speak anymore.”

Farmers complaint
In addition to the Sadbhav Engineering Company, employees of Jai Prakash Associates, Ashoka Buildcon and Oriental Engineers engaged in the construction of this highway said that by reducing the extent of the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) from both sides of the highway to the farmers, Iron Fence was installed. This fence has been broken at some places to put people on their fields or houses.

Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari had claimed in an interview given to the news agency PTI that the government will impose around two and a half lakh trees in this bar left on both sides of the highway.

A team patrolling the highway at night told that many large cattle are coming to the highway due to the fencing. Due to this, there have been many major incidents in the past, of which seven people of one family were killed in one accident.

However, when talking to some farmers about this, they told the reason for breaking the fence. Some farmers of Dadri said in Uttar Pradesh that the government is responsible for this.

Harpal Singh, 54, is a marginal farmer. He said, “Many small roads were submerged under the highway, now there are many farmers who do not have any way to reach the fields. There are cases pending by the convicts. No one is giving way to another farmer from his farm. Wanted, people come through this land lying vacant and break the fencing and enter the farm. Many people have made it a paved way. ”

The allegations made by farmers on the consolidation department, the BBC does not confirm their truthfulness.

Further challenges
According to official figures, replicas of 36 national monuments have been built on this expressway built at a total cost of Rs 11,000 crore.

But many of these have been partially broken.
Last week, the umbrella built next to the replica of India Gate was broken.
Deputy Project Manager Piyush Bhavsar suspects that these monuments have been broken by the locals. He says, “Solar Plate can come in somebody’s work, it is also expensive, but what will be the benefit of breaking these small monuments?”

However, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh police claim that plans are being made to ensure highway safety.

It is being tried that all eight toll gates, like Dasna, Jhakoli and Chhajjuna Nagar (Palwal) toll gate, are being started as soon as possible.
The first toll gate to fall in Uttar Pradesh’s district Baghpat. PM Modi inaugurated the highway on May 27 from this gate.
Also, by September, there is a major challenge to launch the Western Peripheral Expressway, where efforts to prevent such incidents have to be done in advance.

Truckers’ opinions on expressway

Driver Surajpal Singh works for a company. They carry electric appliances for the company from Himachal Pradesh to Uttar Pradesh.
Most of the truckers said this as a great convenience. His opinion is that standing on the Delhi border was painful. At the same time, the time and fuel used to cross Delhi’s traffic was no longer avoided.

Surajpal Singh, who has been living with Aligarh, has been driving for 30 years. He is happy with the expressway route, but he questions his quality.

He said, “I am carrying goods between Himachal and Meerut, Modinagar and Dadri, so much time was spent in crossing Delhi, at the same time, now Sonepat from Dadri is reached, it is very relaxing, but the highway is not flat. They are very high-low in many places. The truck bounces. ”

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