Four years of Narendra Modi’s government, the public asked these 35 questions

_101757855_gettyimages-846862750.jpgMay 26, 2014, the date when Narendra Modi’s government took over the power of India.

On 26th May the Modi government is completing its four years.

On the occasion of the completion of four years of government formation, BBC Hindi asked its readers that what would be your question from the Modi government?

Hundreds of people have got queries , people have questioned about notebooks, jobs ranging from good days.

We are here to teach you 35 questions, which the general public wants to ask the Modi government.
35 questions from Modi government …
1. The same civil code has always been in the BJP’s manifesto manifesto. What did the Modi government do on this issue?

2. Will the Modi government present the figures of ban on the ban?

3. Just tell a ban on a banana which gets the general public directly?

4. When will the Indians receive Rs. 15 lakhs?

5. Journalists are desperate to ask all the questions of the public, when will Modi give answer to the questions of journalists?

6. Mr Modi, you say that the Congressmen made scams. Why did not arrest Congress leaders in four years?
7. Why are you silent on riots, rape, Modi?

8. What is Modi doing for these youth if the country’s future is a young man?

9. What is the Modi government doing to improve the lives of prostitutes?

10. Government ministers and BJP leaders blame against Indian Muslims. Why do not you take action on such people?

11. Primary and Higher education in the country is very expensive. What did the government do for it in four years?
12. Modi, you are still running on your think-tank or the RSS?

13. What are your plans for Ram temple and Section 372? Did you include them in your manifesto too?

14. Do you lie under a planned plan in your speeches or in the absence of information?

15. Modi Do not you think that the country is socially disintegrated. Discrimination in the name of religion is at its peak?

16. Who will be responsible for the death of farmers till today and 2022?
Farmers did great work in Maharashtra in March
17. Why could not young people find jobs during your reign?

18. When will Modi stop 70 anniversary?

19. When will the Kashmiri Pandits be restored again?

20. What did you do to eliminate the gap between the poor and the rich in four years?
21. What will Modi do for the good of the farmers of the country?

22. I am unemployed because of GST. So far, I did not get the desired job. Why?

23. Why is our attitude with Pakistan soft? Is this our weakness or our fear?

24. Why are the Muslims being targeted during the Modi era?

25. When will munch lobbying stop Modi?
26. You said good days will come. Now just tell how good days are there?

27. Why is the decline in government jobs going?

28. When will the train start at the Indian train time?

29. What happened to Ganga Cleanliness?
30. How did the country benefit from your four-year foreign visits?

31. Is the Congress free development? If any rumor is spread on behalf of BJP’s IT cell, then your accountability is for this.

32. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself said that 80 per cent of the beggars are criminal elements. Then why not take legal action against them?

33. When will India become a Hindu nation?

34. Sir, why are you spending money on the bullet train while many development projects are still incomplete?

35. A major ministry has been given to Rajya Sabha members in your cabinet and not those people whom the people have chosen. Why is this, are not these elected representatives good?

These questions were asked by the public when the Modi government was three years old
Countdown to Modi Government has started – Congress
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