FIFA World Cup: What has happened so far


A total of 64 matches will be played in World Cup football, half of which have been played. This week the situation will be clear who will be in the race and who will be out.

This time the World Cup has made England and the Belgian team more interesting. Compared to the goals scored in the World Cup, before the weekend, the lowest goals scored in Russia’s FIFA World Cup 2018

However, the situation is changing now. On average, 2.33 goals have been scored in each match by Friday night. Group G’s two teams Belgium and England have scored aggressively. Belgium defeated Tunisia 5-2, England scored 6 goals against Panama.
Japan and Senegal’s match draw with four goals In this tournament, total 78 goals have been scored in 32 matches. In 2014, Brazil scored an average of 2.70 goals in the entire tournament.

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Fans and media say some teams are adopting negative tactics. Although no match has been played in this World Cup in Russia, in which there is no single goal.

Round and action
Even in 31 matches, five matches ended without any consequences. Harry Kane of England can become the first player to win the Golden Boot after Gary Lenaker in 1986.

Kane’s name is five goals in this tournament. However Belgium’s Rumelu Lukawu and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo also have four goals.
Football’s governing body FIFA has announced Sunday that he will take disciplinary action on Switzerland’s Zaka and Shakari.

Both the players celebrated Albania’s flag after the goal against Serbia.

Both players are connected to Kosovo, a self-governing region of Serbia. One-sided independence was announced in this area in 2018. Here people of Albania live much more.
Under the rules of FIFA, both players can be suspended for two matches in the accusation of provoking common people.

In the first 30 matches of the ongoing World Cup in Russia, 95 yellow cards have been issued. This means that three Yellow Cards are being issued in every match.

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World Cup organizing committee says that 14 lakh spectators have joined the game so far. Most spectators were engaged in the three matches at the Lajniki Stadium of Moscow.

German team popular on Google
Brazilian player Neymar follows more than a million people on social media, but in Russia they are not being friends with so many.

During the match against Costa Rica, they were complained to the referee. In the second innings of this match, both were scored during the injection time, which was criticized by Brazilian fan too.
According to Google data, during World Cup, people from all over the world searched the Brazilian team for the most. After this, Argentina, Germany and France have been searched.

After getting one point in two matches, Argentina will have to win the next match against Nigeria. This match is to be held on Tuesday. If anybody misses, Lionel Messi will miss only winning the World Cup but will not be able to give the title to his country.

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