FIFA World Cup: Pakistani teenager who reached to Neymar

_102173073_83d381cc-65f6-4f17-8318-942cb61372b9.jpgAhmed Raza, who belonged to Sialkot city of Pakistan, was present on Friday in the ongoing World Cup Soccer World Cup between Brazil and Costa Rica.

Ahmed Raza’s father, Shabbir Ahmed, makes soccer in Sialkot, and his family is working to seize football with three wrestling.

Ahmed Raza told that he is studying at Qayyad-e-Azam school in Sialkot and he is very fond of football.

Raza said, “One day Coca Cola came to school and she saw me play football. I chose 1500 children and took me to Lahore.”

Officials in football in Lahore, in Pakistan, met Raza and told him that he would be taken to Russia.

Raza says, “I was kindly told that when Russia has to go, what to do and where to stay, they told me that I would be present during the toss in the World Cup match. Then I was convinced that I I’m going. ”

15-year-old Ahmed Raza is unable to forget the realization that he was among Brazil and Costa Rica during the match played at the St Petersburg campus.

Raza says, I had never thought that I would keep pace in the football ground like this.

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“I did not even think in the dream that I would go to the FIFA World Cup match and that team is my favorite team, in which my favorite player plays Neymar. My happiness is not that time when Neymar is with me Stood up. ”

Raza says, “Right now I have represented Pakistan at the time of toss, if I get a chance, I will also represent Pakistan’s football team.”

Describing her family, Raza says that her grandfather and grandmother used to sew a football.

Raza’s father could not read. They also do their own family work to seize football.

Raza says that since he has come to Russia, his mother talks to him on the phone everyday and gives prayers.

When Raza had told his schoolmates about going to Russia on the invitation of FIFA, nobody believed it.
Now his friends have asked them to bring Neymar and Ronaldo’s autographs.

According to Ahmed Raza, the FIFA administration does not allow any player to talk, if the player speaks himself, then the matter is different.

Regarding meeting with his favorite player Nemar, Raza explains, “When I stood for toss, I was in the last, Naymar came up with me, I dared and joined hands with him.”

Ahmed Raza’s father is very happy after reaching Russia. He says, “Ahmed used to play soccer with his friend. One day I asked him where he told me to play soccer.”

“I told him that son is fine, I play soccer, you play soccer.”

Raza’s father used to work in a factory for making a football first. Now they do sewing balls for the supplier.

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