Decision on punishment for the naroda Patia riot’s Convicts


In the 2002 Naroda Patia case, the Gujarat High Court can hear the conviction of three convicts convicted on Monday.

The accused are Umesh Surabhai Bharwad, Padmendra Singh Jaswant Singh Rajput and Rajkumar alias Raju Gopiram Chowmal.

In one of the decisions of the year 2012, 29 people, including PJ Rajput, Rajkumar Choumal and Umesh Bharwad, were acquitted by Special Court of SIT.

However, during the hearing of the petitions, the High Court on April 20 this year acquitted all three of them to the arson and to become a part of the violent mob while the remaining 29 people were acquitted.

Who is Maya Kodnani who was acquitted by High Court

Understand this politics, worship other gods.
Maya Kodani
Naroda Patiya riots: Events
The violence in Naroda Patia is one of the most heinous riots in the Godhra riots after burning some boxes of Sabarmati express trains in Godhra. See what happened in this case.

25 February 2002: A large number of activists from Ayodhya boarded the Sabarmati Express from Ahmedabad to go to Ahmedabad.
27 February 2002: A train was set on fire in a few coaches of Godhra, which left 59 kar sevaks dead.
28 February 2002: Vishwa Hindu Parishad calls for Gujarat closure in protest against Godhra Meanwhile, the Ghusai crowd attacked Naroda Patia area. In the riots in Ahmadabad’s Naroda Patia, 97 people of Muslim community were killed and about 33 were injured. It is alleged that this mob was led by Maya Kodnani, minister of state’s BJP government and Babu Bajrangi, Bajrang Dal leader was involved in it.
In a sting operation in 2007 Babu Bajrangi allegedly believed that he was involved in the riots.
In 2008, the Supreme Court said that investigation of the case was done by a special investigation team, ie the committee formed by the court instead of the police.
In August 2009, the trial of Naroda Patiya riots started and the charges against 62 accused were filed. During the hearing, an accused Vijay Shetty was killed. During the hearing, statements of 327 people were recorded. Apart from the victims, doctors and police officers and government officials were also involved.
On August 29, 2012, the court convicted 32 people, including Babu Bajrangi and Maya, for the Naroda Patiya riots, while 29 people were acquitted. Sentenced on August 31.
On August 31, 2012, the court had asked the then MLA and former minister of the Modi government Kodnani to be “rioting in the region of Naroda area” and sentenced to 28 years imprisonment. Babu Bajrangi was sentenced to life imprisonment and the remaining convicts were given 21 years imprisonment.
On April 20, 2018, the Gujarat High Court acquitted 18 people, including Maya Kodnani, in a reversal of the lower court’s decision. The court said that the police did not produce any witnesses who saw Maya Kodnani being out of the car and provoking the crowd. The court reduced the punishment of Babu Bajrangi from life imprisonment to 21 years. 11 people, including Babu Bajrangi, were sentenced to 21 years while one person was sentenced to 10 years.

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