Controversy over celebrating Swiss players


In the exciting World Cup in Russia, on Friday, Switzerland defeated Serbia 2-1 in a very exciting match.

There is now a dispute on celebrating two players of Kosovo origin who scored goals from Switzerland.

On behalf of Switzerland, Grenit Shaka and Sherdan Shakari scored one goal each. The family members of both of these players had fled from Kosovo to Switzerland.

After celebrating the goal, Shaka and Sharadan Shakari made an Albanian falcon with their hands. Now its political meanings are being removed.

The hand, which both players did by hand, is a nationalist symbol, which shows two faces on the national flag of Albania. Critics say that this may cause tensions between Serbian nationalists and people of Albanian descent.

The celebration of both the players has brought together the tension of the Balkan countries on World Cup soccer stage.
Swiss player Sherdan Shakiri also pulled out his shirt in a celebration.
Regional Editor of europe Mike Sanders , says, “Grenit Shaka and Sherdan Shakyri have good reason to feel deep association with Kosovo.”

Shaka’s father had spent three years in prison in protesting against the communist government in East Yugoslavia. After the war broke out in Kosovo, the family of Shakyiri had to escape life.

Shakiri landed off Kosovo’s flag on his shoes in the match against Serbia. There is also a dispute about this.

Even before the match, Serbia’s newspapers had described it as a provocation. During the match, the fans of Serbia also hooted both of these players.

Shakiri had said that he had a very emotional demonstration on the question of making a falcon by hand. He said, “It was just emotions, I’m happy to shoot this goal, this is nothing more than that. I think we do not need to talk more about it.”

Meanwhile, Albania President Eliar Meta thanked both the players.
Sharadan Shakyi gave Switzerland a spectacular win by scoring a goal in the final moments of the match.
But some of Switzerland’s newspapers consider the celebration of these two star players as provocative.

A Serbian pro-government newspaper has said that both players have embarrassed Switzerland.

While questioning about Serbia’s coach, Mladen Christchich, he made a comment, saying, “I’m a sportsman and do not do things like this. I’m a player and I do not want to comment on this. . ”
Sheran Shakri was born in the city of Jalalan in Kosovo, in an Albanian-based Muslim family. His family moved to Switzerland when he was one year old.

Grenit Shaka was born in Basel City of Switzerland to a Muslim family of Albanian origin. Shawka’s elder brother Toulant Shaka is also a professional football player.

What is Kosovo-Albania-Serbia Strain
Serbia was also one of the six countries that separated from Yugoslavia. But the Kosovo terrain of Serbia demanded a separate country.

In February 1998 a violent uprising started in Kosovo, which ended in June 1999 after Neto’s occupation.

Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian minorities had declared independence in 2008 after the conflict between the Serbian army and Albanian separatists for nine years.

69 countries out of the 192 member states of the United Nations have been recognized as Kosovo as an independent nation, which includes many countries of America, Britain, Europe and its neighboring Albania and Croatia.

But many countries like Serbia, Russia, China, India, Spain, Greece, and Bosnia do not recognize Kosovo’s independence.

However in 2010, the International Court had said in an important decision that the declaration of independence from Kosovo’s Serbia is not a violation of international law.

The Hague-based court had passed this verdict after hearing the challenge of Serbia.

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