Champions Trophy: Indian hockey team beat Pakistan by 4-0


In the first match of the men’s Champions Trophy match played at Brenda in Netherlands, the Indian team defeated Pakistan 4-0. The speciality of this match was that the Indian team scored three goals in the last 10 minutes.

In the first quarter, it was a tough match between the two teams and no team was able to score. In the next quarter, India got the momentum in front of half time just before half time.

Ramandeep Singh scored a goal in the 25th minute to give India a 1-0 lead, which lasted till the last quarter.
No goals in the second and third quarters
After Ramandeep’s goal, both the teams struggled to score in the second and third quarters but they did not succeed.

After 10 minutes to finish the game, Dilpreet Singh scored the second goal for India in the 54th minute.

After this Pakistan’s team changed their strategy and in the desire to score, they brought the goal keeper to the attacking position. But the stakes were reversed and Mandeep Singh scored the third goal for India.
Shortly before the game ended, Lalit scored the fourth goal for India. With the help of this goal made in the 59th minute, India has been able to win a 4-0 win over its opponent team.
Hockey teams play six top teams in the Champions Trophy. In this tournament, India will next with Argentina (June 24), Australia (June 27), Belgium (June 28) and Netherlands (June 30).

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