Why do most Asian people in Britain commit suicide?


I was just a 12 year old child at that time. That day I was at home There was a program related to music on TV that when the sound of screaming came from the kitchen.

When I heard the voice, when I reached the kitchen running, I saw my mother lying on the ground holding the phone in her hands.

They saw me and said to me, “Your aunt is not there.”

After this he started crying in the familiar style of Asian people. Why and how were the questions hanging out in my mind?

Why did he do this?

What was later known was that he was more uncomfortable. We came to know that they committed suicide.

I kept thinking for the next few months and years why did he do this?
What is called official statistics
He certainly wants to get rid of the evils of his life.

In Britain, 1,457 women suicides in the year 2016. However, it is not clear how many of these women were from South Asian origin.

But statistics show that people of Asian descent are not comfortable talking openly about their mental health.

The UK’s national health scheme, which means NHS figures, provides important information in this regard.
These figures show that the probability of seeking the help of whites is two times as compared to Asian or Black people.

In such a logic it may be that if you do not ask for help, how do you face such negative thoughts?

Professor Dinesh Bhujara, a specialist in mental health related issues at King’s College London, says there is no doubt that suicide is a problem with the people of this region.

He says, “The attempt of suicides in South Asian women is two and a half times more than the white women, and the group of women aged 18-24 years is in a more risky situation. This is also due to some cultural conflict. Having a job as a professional, coming home and cooking, the struggle to make a synergy between the West and the East can be difficult. ”

I have often heard how difficult it is to follow people who are accustomed to living in a British way to follow the rules made by the elderly of their community.
Role of ‘Respect of family’
The compulsion of not embarrassing his family and family makes more pressure on such youth.

In the UK, the elderly of this community is the leader of conservative views.

These generations are born in Britain and educated youth, which are probably more open to other cultures, feel away from themselves.

Marcel Weig, the head of the symmetry and improvement branch of the Mental Health charity organization ‘Mind’, says that the evidence is the picture.

He says, “People coming from South Asian communities, mentioning the importance of their community and family, say that the family can be a very positive thing for their mental health, but for many people the family’s respect and status The need to maintain them can make them feel depressed towards their feelings. ”

“Earlier research suggests that by suppressing such emotions, the level of anxiety can increase and the rate of damage to the South Asian women could increase itself.”
Suicide in South Asia
In such a situation, what could be the diagnosis of suicides such as suicide and shame in South Asian people.

Bradford West Labor Labor MP Naz Shah believes that South Asian cultures are still unaware of the problems associated with mental health.

He says, “This problem is getting worse now, some South Asian languages ​​do not have words for depression, so people need to do a lot of work to make them aware so that people can go forward for help. Can come. ”

21-year-old Rahima, living in East Midland, seems to agree with this point.

He fought his life with the intensity of serious depression and fought with suicide intentions and faced suicidal thoughts.

She says, “There is a need in this that a well-known Asian man should come forward in front of the world and say, ‘Oh, it is normal to be sad and depressed, because it has happened to me and you can tell people about it too. And do not fear that someone will understand you.

“This will really help me a lot, maybe my parents and their generation can hear better about it.”
A few months ago my mother told me that the British Indian girl I used to play was self-pity.

When I heard this, I was reminded of the same thing which I felt during my aunt’s suicide.

It certainly could have been saved.

It would be wrong to say that there is somebody’s fault in it because the fault is the thing which has taken many lives.

Thinking about your emotions and taking medical help seem like a perfect solution, so that many other families can stay away from this pain.

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