Wait hours, then push-clutter and abuses, then get water


“I have three children, told the MLA that if there is a problem of water then say that if the children were born less then the water would be complete, tell me, what does one say?”

Vimalsh becomes angry by expressing anger. Vimlish is one of the thousands of Delhi’s people who are battling to stay healthy every day in the absence of clean water.
You must have seen the ants wrapping on sweet things, in many areas of Delhi, people flutter on water tankers in the same way. There is abusive language, assault, hostileness, and sometimes life goes away. But if the kismat is good, then water is available in return.

Lack of water taught water, live without water

How does death happen if you do not get water?

Weighing double water cans
There is no obligation of age to fill water. You just have to rush the crowd of people and if you remove a box, you can move the other box.
From the age of three years to the age of 60 years old you will also be seen here. Some children also come to see a spectacle. Kitch-kitch for water is not less than a tamasha for them.

But the children who come to water the water are surprised to see them because after the water is filling, their weight is doubled from their compartment.

Sea water

There is also a push
With aromas rising in the morning, they come to find a line from the box. Every day wait for about two hours. When the tank arrives, the water fills the sides with water. After that, a bigger house comes and takes the box.

Fragrance explains, “When someone is not able to see anything while filling the water, neither children nor women, they want to fill the water first.

It is true, in the morning man should go to work that the water is filled.

Delayed work in water circulation
A person who came to water after wearing pants-shirt-shoes said that there is a need to go to work but there is a daily delay in water circulation. There is also a similar situation in other areas like the eastern part of Delhi.

The policy commission report also narrates this story. According to this, about 60 million people are facing serious water scarcity in the country. Nearly two lakh people die every year due to lack of clean water.

The problem in Delhi is mostly in areas where there are unauthorized colonies. Most households do not have water connection here but there are some houses in New Ashok Nagar where there is a connection but there is no water in the tap.

‘Water comes, so dirty and saline’

Vimalesh tells that everyone is in his street in the house. Some people have home connections but do not get water. If water comes then dirty and saline.

“My husband earns 9 thousand rupees, how to apply a submissive? After complaining of no water, went to the water board, went to the MLA but nothing happened.”

The children complain that despite the leave, they have to get up in the morning because the water is filled. Women complain that men have to push with water for water and the people complain that apart from the job it is a different morning and evening duty.

But the Delhi Jal Board says something else …

Neha Singh, who works in the Delhi Jal Board, explains that Delhi consumes 900 million gallons of water everyday but only 875 to 870 million gallons of water is supplied.

Balaoh Neha, “The water board is trying every effort to supply water in every area of ​​Delhi but there is a problem in the summer.”

She says that there is no source of water in Delhi, therefore, it needs to be dependent on other states for supply, especially on Haryana. In order to reach water everywhere, five to eight tankers were sent to the areas where the first seven to eight tankers were sent.

According to Delhi Jal Board’s claim, there is a facility of pipeline in around 83% of the houses in Delhi. Apart from this, there are 407 new water tankers that bring drinking water to unauthorized colonies.

Although not the first time in the summer, Delhi is struggling with water shortage. If you look at national level other than Delhi, Shimla is also facing shortage of water and this problem may increase in the coming time. If the Commission’s report is considered as the basis, then by 2030, demand of water in the country will be doubled in the available water distribution.


Saline water will become drinkable
Take a look at these statistics too …
In this report of the 2016-17 period of the Commission, Gujarat has been given the first position in the effective management of water resources. After this, the states of Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra are in the list.

The poor condition of water is not just in India. According to water.org data, about 85 million people in the world are not able to get clean water.

Only one person out of every nine people has clean water. Women around the world pass six hours out of 24 to fill the water.

At the same time every 90 seconds, a child is killed due to dirty water. Every year 10 lakh people lose their lives due to lack of water and cleanliness.

While these figures make global statements, the water board, regardless of the status of Delhi, regardless of the claims, people’s opinions differ from them.


Fog water squeezing
“We read that fill the water”
Tanya, who is studying at school, says that no matter what anyone says but condition here is very bad. We run away from school so that we can fill the water.

She says, “It is very difficult to pass through this Drains, but for the water we keep sitting here for hours, now it is so much sunlight and heat that many people start getting unconscious. Read or fill the water. “

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