UP police apologizes after Kasim’s death in Hapur

_102153648_a3f2d6fc-9142-49e6-bdcd-d7d08573cdf6.jpgUttar Pradesh Police has apologized after the assassination of a citizen in Hapur by the violent mob.

In the hope of Gokshi, the crowd had beaten the two people named kasim and Samihuddin in Hapur in the ruthless manner, which led to Kasim’s death. This case was registered by the police in Roadridge.

But the picture of the UP Police was viral with four people running and hanging dead body of the deceased kasim, after which the North Police has now apologized.

In the apology sought by Twitter, the UP Police wrote, “We are sorry, cases of law and order are many times that there are some unintended unwanted things.”
DGP, Headquarters, UP Police tweeted apologizing for the incident, “We apologize for the incident. The police personnel who are looking into these photographs have been sent to the police line and investigated the matter. This picture is taken at the time when the police had reached the spot and the victim was being taken to the hospital but unfortunately no ambulance was available at that time. The new target Phdha raise like this. ”

He wrote, “We believe that the police should have been more sensitive at the time, human concerns were sidelined between the rush to save lives and the responsibility of law and order. From other photographs it is clear that the victim is treated with a Police Response Vehicle were taken.”


Ground Report Hapur: Truth of Cow, Muslim and Assassin Riot
This is the first case when the police administration has accepted its responsibility.

Faisal Mohammed Ali of BBC Hindi presented this detailed report while making a ground report on the incident. After this there was a discussion of the discussion on social media in this case.

The press conference of Qasim and Sameuddin’s family in the Press Club of India is also being held at 4 pm on Friday.

Ground Report Hapur: Truth of Cow, Muslim and Assassin Riot

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