Trump’s reasons for changing disrupted Migrant Policy

_102165168_222cf73c-b2d9-409f-9785-78559b92554cUS President Donald Trump on Wednesday reversed the ‘decision to separate the illegal migrants from their children’ linked to the border policy of USA and Mexico.

He issued an order and promised that now the migrant family will be able to live together.

Trump’s order came after unprecedented public protests against the immigration policy of his administration on the Zero Tolerance policy.

The dispute over the migrant law of the Trump Administration had increased when some pictures of migrants’ children came in the media behind the chains of chains. These pictures made for children were compared to Nazi concentration camps.

Plan outline
However, in this order of Donald Trump nothing has been said about 2,300 children who have been kept in other expatriate camps in the country other than Texas.

These orders outline the scheme of trump administration to illegally detain families who are crossing the border together during the trial.

This plan is possibly a violation of the court’s 1997 law that limits the custody of children.

President Trump said during the signing of the order in the Oval Office, “We will keep the border firm, but we are going to keep families together.”

They said, “I did not like the idea of ​​keeping families separate.”

According to some media reports, Trump decided to reverse the policy of keeping children separate from their parents, on the advice of their wife and daughter.

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Status of more than 2,300 children
The most important question in which the legal experts have pointed out is that what will be decided on the future of those 2,300 children who have already been separated from their families?

“It stops children from being separated from their parents,” says Washington-based author Wakil and human rights activist Qasim Rashid, but it is not yet known if these provisions are permanent. We have to separate children and their parents There is a clear solution to the policy and this executive order does not offer any such offer. ”

Rashid said, “Secondly, 2,300 children separated from their parents and kept in inhuman facilities camps, nothing was said in this executive order.”
According to Wajahat Ali, another human rights activist, “The administration is actually making these children hostage so that it can be used for bargaining so that the Congress passes the funds to build a wall on the border and is forced to create a vicious immigration policy. Go. ”

Ali explained in detail how insensitive these executive orders were.

He said, “If the President wanted to end this policy with just one phone call, he would not want to be so frustrated by his fanatics, so he thought that he would use those children in any document Not to mention, so that they will use them to get funds for Border Wall. These are signs that make them a hero. ”

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Trump changed controversial immigration policy, family will now live together

But what can be done by law?
It is written in the executive order that those who cross the border illegally can be indefinitely detained.

This order violates the agreement of 1997 that it was decided that minors can be detained for only 20 days.

In this sense, these orders violate the federal and international law of the United States.
According to human rights activist Qasim Rashid, “According to the heading 8 USC 1158 of American law, seeking asylum is not a crime, arresting people seeking asylum is a violation of their own rules and regulations. Even if the executive order has claimed to have improved the matters relating to immigration, but this will make things worse. The government should keep these children in camps For those who are spending huge resources, the people seeking asylum should give them legal advice and should see that according to the Constitution, the legal process can be adopted. ”
Detention indefinitely
Qasim Rashid believes that Trump’s new executive order has originally prepared camps in the United States where only those families who have no place in American documents. According to the law, children could not have been able to keep it for a long time, they took the children in custody instead of their children so that they could be detained indefinitely.

Many mayors of the United States are opposing this executive order of Trump and the policy of breaking the families. This protest has also been made a major issue in many local election campaigns.

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