Today’s 5 big news: Just after retirement, Justice Chameleshwar arrived in his village

_102169998_gettyimages-909567866.jpgJustice Gasti Chamleshwar, who retired from the Supreme Court on Friday, has said that he had done what he could in terms of his ability.

Justice Chamleshwar said that he has no regrets about any matter in the Supreme Court for seven years of service. Chemleshwar said that he remained with his principles, and for this reason, after retiring, one day he was not left to live in the government house of Delhi.

On retirement, Justice Chemleshwar left for Pashtani village in his home state of Andhra Pradesh. Chemleshwar said that those coming people will decide on future plans in a few months.
Musharraf resigns
Former Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf has resigned as the President of All Pakistan Muslim League. Dr. Mohammed Amjad, the party’s new chief, has confirmed this from the Dawn newspaper.

Dr. Amjad said that the Peshawar High Court had barred him from contesting the elections, so he has made this decision.
Mamta canceled tour of China
West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday canceled the nine-day visit to China just before the visit. Mamta says that China had not ratified the meeting with the leadership of the ruling Communist Party “proper manner”, so the tour had to be canceled.

West Bengal’s Finance Minister Amit Mitra informed about the cancellation of Mamata’s visit by a press conference. Mamta was scheduled to leave for China on Friday night.

The West Bengal Congress leadership has told its top leadership that the ruling Trinamool Congress does not have an electoral alliance with the state. Pradesh Congress unit said that the alliance with CPM is much better.
No alliance with Mamta
The West Bengal Congress General Secretary OP Mishra told the Indian Express that the party can not think in terms of the general elections of 2019 as it is to defeat the TMC in the West Bengal assembly elections in 2021 and in this case the alliance with CPM will be much better .
In charge of Mallikarjun Kharge, Maharashtra
Congress party chief Rahul Gandhi has appointed party general secretary Mallikarjun Kharge as Maharashtra’s incharge. Kharge is the Congress leader in the Lok Sabha. He will replace Mohan Prakash in charge of Congress in Maharashtra.

Apart from this, All India Congress Committee, Sonal Patel of Gujarat, Ashish Dua of Haryana and Sampat Kumar of Telangana have been made secretary.

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