Therefore, Daati Maharaj is out of the police’s grip

_102155754_0cc98409-816b-41bd-9e26-aeafa44c28d1“You are of saint and saint is yours, you are not doing any new work, you have done everything, tomorrow was our turn, today is your turn, tomorrow will not be known to whom you will be.” saint is a sambandar, we all are his fish. Understand it. ”

A 25-year-old girl from Delhi is accused of saying that by saying this, Dati Maharaj raped her in the year 2016.

Accusing Rape of Dati Maharaj, the victim has written a three-page complaint letter to the Delhi Police.

To clarify the allegations of Rape, Daati Maharaj is talking to all the media channels and the charges against him are baseless.

Daati Maharaj is the founder of the famous Shanadham temple in Fatehpur Beri of Delhi. He describes himself as a devotee of Shani Dev. In the country, they are in hyphrophilia baba.

The victim has written this complaint on June 6, 2018, accusing Rape of Dati Maharaj.
The side of the victim
According to advocate Pradeep Tiwari of the victim, the Delhi Police admitted her complaint very much and then lodged an FIR on June 10 after four days. FIR is mentioned in Section 376, 377, 354 and 34.

This was the case with Fatehpur Beri police in Delhi, which was later handed over to the crime branch. The Delhi Crime Branch is currently investigating the matter.

They were also present in front of the Crime Branch of Delhi Police. He was questioned for about seven hours but his arrest has not yet happened.

11 days have passed since FIR has been registered on Datta Maharaj.

According to Pradeep Tiwari, the victim has written a letter to 13 agencies including the Prime Minister and the Women’s Commission, but there is no one to take care of the victim.

He also accused the Crime Branch of carrying the case in a different direction.

What different direction – in response to this question, Pradip Tiwari said, “We are also hearing that the matter of money is going on.” There is a case in the Saket court of Delhi, the next hearing is on June 25 ”

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Favor of the maternal grandfather
Talked to Daati Maharaj on the allegations related to the Dashi Maharaj. Talking on the phone, he said, “My health is not well since morning. I am not in a position to talk. As soon as the health is good, I will call you and interview you”

But after the allegation of rape, Dati Maharaj said in an interview with India News, “There is a charge against the relationship between father-daughter and guru-disciple. I am a priest of women power. I work for daughters I will not say anything against them. He was my daughter, my daughter is and will stay. The police called me to investigate. I put my side in front of him and I will cooperate further in the investigation. ”

Apart from the conversation with India News, he told the whole matter about the transaction of money.

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Delhi Police’s favor
DCP Rajesh Dev, the crime branch of Delhi Police, asked the BBC questions about the arrest of Datta Maharaj. According to them, “The allegations made by the victim are very foul, our investigation is underway, we have not given any clean chit to anyone. We will talk to you on the basis of the evidence at the right time.”

According to the information provided by the BBC, due to the hypothermia case, the team of Delhi Crime Branch is keeping pace with the whole issue.

They will be arrested if the evidence against Dashi Maharaj is sufficient. According to information received from the police, if complaint is lodged within few hours of being repaired, then there is neither delay nor delay in getting evidence.

This is from January to March 2016. More than two years has passed.

After the FIR has been registered, the statement of the victim has been made under Section 164 and a medical examination has been conducted.

According to the order of the Supreme Court (Year 2014), the police must submit the statement to the magistrate in front of the victim within 24 hours after writing the report. The reason for any delay will be given in writing.

The victim’s advocates also believe that the police did not delay in filing the statement of the victim, but also accuse the crime branch that Dati is delaying the arrest of Maharaj without delay.

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Why are the police cheating out of the police custody?
In any rape case, police act on the basis of evidence in three ways.

The first is physical evidence – i.e. there is a mark on the body due to loud force during rape.

The second is biological evidence – that is, the semen on clothes of rape victim or something else that can be found to help prove the culprit.

Third is the circumstantial evidence- that is, the place where the raped people are present or the information about that place.

Since a lot of time has been spent in registering the report of the whole case, it is difficult to get physical evidence and biological evidence.

According to information received by the BBC, the Crime Branch of Delhi Police is working on circumstantial evidence.

For this Daati Maharaj was called for questioning.
On the basis of the statement of the victim, the police had prepared a number of questions, the answer of which was asked by Datta Maharaj.

Police claims that Daati Maharaj is also out of the police custody because he is cooperating in the investigation. The accused is required to be arrested when a custodial interrogation is needed.

According to the Crime Branch of Delhi Police, they have not felt any need of it yet.

The police can again question Datta Maharaj on Friday. The police is also investigating this angle that this statement has not been given in any pressure from the victim.

In the complaint, the victim has accused Dathi Maharaj and three other people as well. The police is also interrogating them.

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Code acceptance
Apart from this, the victim has also written to the Delhi Police in her complaint that her life could be threatened after the complaint but no security has been provided to her so far.

On this, crime branch DCP Rajesh Dev says that crime branch does not provide security.

The Delhi Police has a case to provide security and the police are evaluating the danger of their lives.

What Does Rape Law Say?
According to Section 357 C of the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act, 2013, every government or non-government hospital will provide free treatment for rape victims.
According to the Legal Services Authority Act, 1987, any woman, child, scheduled caste and tribe person will be given legal service authority lawyer of the state.
The victim can petition the Legal Service Authority for financial help or compensation.
Under the schemes of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, the victims of any violence will be given legal help, medical and counseling for free.
The rape victim can write her report in any police station, even if the spot comes under the police station or does not come. This FIR is called Zero F.I.R.
An FIR is registered only in the case of rape, but the accused does not say so.

It is important to take the arrest for further investigation. If the police feel that if an accused is not cooperating in the investigation or can leave the evidence, then he can be arrested. Or else when it is fully confirmed that the raped accused has done the same.

Who are the grandfather?
Madan Meghwal is the real name of Datta Maharaj.

According to their website, “Avatana” of Datta Maharaj was held on July 10, 1950 in a small village in Pali district of Rajasthan.

The empire of Daati Maharaj spread from Rajasthan to Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. Daati Maharaj has a vast ShaniDham temple in Chhattarpur, Delhi.

Daati Maharaj has four offices in the country. The main office is at Mehrauli in Delhi and there are branches in Pali, Jaipur and Mumbai of Rajasthan.

Apart from this, he runs many trusts, including Shri Siddha Shakti Peeth, Shree Shani Dham Trust, Shani Dham Goshala and Paddithham and Assurance Balagram.

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