That orangoutang who will be remembered as the mother …

_102107174_0369c9b6-4d74-4ad8-9fee-389d9181d313.jpgThe 62-year-old Puan is no longer in this world. Puan, known as ‘Grand Old Lady’, was the world’s oldest female orangutanush.

Pu’ana of Sumatra has left behind 11 children and 54 family members, spread across America, Europe, Australia and Sumatra.

Puan died in a zoo in Australia on Monday. She was living in this zoo since 1968.

According to the zoo administration, his death was caused by old age problems and natural causes.

In 2016, Puan’s name was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest female orbiter in its species.
The zoo administration explained that the oranges of Sumatra are critically endangered species, which can barely reach 50 years of age.

According to the Zoo Administration, Puan was born in Sumatra, Indonesia in 1956.

Supervisor Holly Thompson says that Puan has done a lot for the survival of its species in the Perth Zoo colony.

After Puan’s death, his descendants were left behind in the forests of Sumatra.

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According to the World Wildlife Fund, there are only approximately 14,600 Sumatrai orangutan survivors in the world.

After Puan’s death, the chief operating officer of the zoo wrote an article on Puan’s death, which appeared in The West Australian Newspaper on Tuesday.

Martina Hart wrote “In the last few years, Puan’s eyes had darkened the eyelids, he was a little lethargic, and his brain had stopped functioning properly, but he was always a quiet, respected mother. Will be remembered in “.

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