Second prime minister to become mother on post

_102139364_784f9c30-f829-4f3f-bf94-3e024e0f3a4c.jpgNew Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacincy Ordney has become a mother. He gave birth to his first daughter. Jasinda Ordnance shared its information on Instagram.

Along with that, Jasidan Ordern has become the second leader in the world who will be a mother while living in the post.

Jasinda Ordnance was admitted to a hospital in Auckland city four days after the estimated date of delivery.

The 37-year-old prime minister, Jasinda Ordnance, has taken six weeks of maternity leave. Now Deputy Chief Minister Vincent Peters will take charge.

However, he has said that he will continue to read cabinet documents according to his time.

Since coming into this news media, he has got congratulatory greetings from fellow leaders.

How difficult it is to become a mother to a prime minister

When Trump understood Jasinda Ordnance to Mrs. Trudo!
New Zealand’s youngest prime minister
Jasinda Ordney shared the post while writing that she considers herself to be lucky and thanks to the hospital staff. In the post, he said that the baby’s weight is 3.31 kilograms.

He also said, “I am convinced that like other parents, we are also going through those same emotions. At the same time, I feel grateful for the good wishes and love of many people. ”

Jasinda Ordnance had told in January that she and her husband Clark Gifford are going to be parents.

He said in an interview to Radio New Zealand this year, “I am not the first woman to work and become a mother.” Many women have done this before. ”

Jacinda Ordn is New Zealand’s youngest Prime Minister after 1856.

In 1990, former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto gave birth to daughter while being the Prime Minister. She was the first leader of the world to become a mother while she was in office.
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