Policewomen who imprisoned his childhood rapist

_102141572_c2b34c47-51eb-4c34-8e67-a122055af297The nine-year-old girl was very talkative. He had many dolls and he used to play ‘home-house’ with his cousin.

He was very fond of cycling. Apart from the TV, he had no electronic gadget.

The age of that photographer was 39 years. She was married. He had a special attachment to nature. Well roamed around With his talk about beaches, rivers and strollers, he easily won the confidence of the people.

The photographer of Tabata (changed name) first met in the summer of 2002. She was a friend of Tabata’s parents. He raped Baba for two years.

The last time they met again 12 years after sexual abuse.

This time Tabata had a gun in one hand. He grabbed the arm of the photographer and took him into prison. He locked him in prison and locked him from the outside and then took a long breath of relief, like a dead body.

Tabata is now 26 years old and has become a police officer. He is posted in the southern province of Santa Catarina of Brazil. That day of December 21, 2016, is fresh in his zen.

Tabata carried the man behind the bars, who had sexually exploited him many times in his childhood.

Talking to a journalist for the first time, he told his story to the BBC Brazil. Tabaata says that she decided to speak so that she could encourage other women to do the same.

Exploitation started from camping along river banks

When the father of Tabata’s father was identified, she was nine years old.

Photographer soon became his family friend In the summer, both families planned camping along the river banks and started visiting camps every week.

Tabata remembers that good time when he used to bathed in the river and enjoyed it very much.

Both families used to go from the car, used to enjoy the nature while passing through the rugged jungles of the forest and slept in the cold air under the open sky.

Camping started only a few weeks after that it began to exploit photographer Tabata.

She says, “I was troubling all this, but I did not know then that what is happening with me is a crime.”

“I told nothing to my family at that time, but today I think why did I do this.”

Tabata had an eight-year-old step sister, but she did not come with him for camping.

“He was not too close to my father because he was his stepdaughter, he used to live or live in TV watching or studying.”

Elderhood at the raw age, that means the risk of sexual abuse of the daughters increases

‘Somewhere father will not kill him’

Child Rape Continued from 9 to 11 years of age
According to Tabata, the photographer took advantage of his weakness, the loneliness of the camp and the darkness between the trees.

She says, “Once I went to take water during camping, she exploited me on the way. I barely escaped the hand and fled from there. My parents asked why did you come before them? They never thought That their trustworthy person can do all this with their daughter. ”

When the incidents of exploitation started to occur frequently, it became difficult to tolerate the problem. She wanted to tell everything to her father.

She says, “My father always lived in tension and I was afraid that if he told me the truth, he would not kill that photographer, then he would be jailed. Thousands of people were walking in my mind. Was that my parents will believe me or not. ”

‘The mother was about to tell, but’
The photographer often came to his house, to see when depression remains alone.

She saw that Tabata’s sister is busy reading and her mother works at night. He also knew when his father played football in the night, he took advantage of that time and sexually abused Tabaata.

“He used to say, just a little bit, just a little bit.” He never hit me, he would hold me tightly. ”

For two and a half years, he has been sexually exploiting Tabaata.

Taken says that by the age of 11, I started to understand that she was sexually abused with me. I began to oppose him, started screaming, but it did not help.

One day he is ready to tell his mother everything. But then it became known that his mother has become a biopolymer disorder. Tabata decided not to tell her anything.

Told step sister
At that time Tabata got another shocking news. His father was running with affair with the photographer’s wife.

When this address came to the notice of both families, friendship ended and a series of exploitation.

Tabata told everything to her cousin and promised to keep her secrets.

That was a difficult time. It was a difficult time. Tabata had to handle physically and mentally ill mother. He did not want to talk to his sister because there was not very good relations between the two.

#MeToo: Iranians telling about sexual abuse

Sexual harassment of children where priests started
The photographer was sentenced to seven and a half years, but released a year later
But mother’s illness brought two step sisters closer. Tabata decided to tell her sister in 2006.

According to Tabaata, “When I told everything to my sister, she started crying very much, she called my father immediately, my father had divorced my mother two years ago, In such a way, I thought I should tell them all this. This will only increase my family’s problems. ”

Tabaat tried to forget all those years, but horror memories never came from their mind.

Many more victims
Disturbed by those bad memories, he decided to tell everything to his school friends.

In 2008, when she was 16, a friend of her told her mother everything about her. Incidentally the girl’s mother knew the photographer. His mother called to meet Tabata.

“He told me that he knows many more girls whose photographer has sexually harassed me, I sensed that he had done this only with me, but he also ruined the lives of many girls. Was. ”

Seven years after sexual abuse, Tabata complained to the police. The police started investigations but soon closed the case.

Tabaata met a lawyer. But he refused to take the case saying that there is no breath in it. He said, ‘the case is old and I have no evidence.’

Tabaata cried so that day They felt that their criminal could not be punished anymore.

After some time, someone told him that the nine-year-old daughter of a businessman had also exploited the same photographer.

Tabata came to ask for help from her mother.

“I appealed to them to testify in court. They agreed.” After this Tabaata went to the attorney again.

The public ministry believed that the criminal has recorded a record of the sexual exploitation of children. A year later, in the court in 2013, the first hearing took place.

Court decision
During the court hearing, the photographer denied the allegations. He said that Tabaat was accusing this for revenge because Tabata’s father had an affair with his wife.

But the court found the photographer guilty and sentenced to seven and a half years.

At the age of 24, Tabata had completed the course of the Civil Police Academy and had become a policeman.

On December 22, 2016, he had come to arrest the photographer with a team of eight-ten policemen. He was hiding in a farm house built on the river bank.

He knew that his struggle inspired him to become a policeman. She wanted to bring all the rapists behind the bars.

‘Sexual harassment of 500 children in 12 years’

The child is being sexually exploited, how to know?
After fighting a long battle, the constable managed to get his rapist behind the bars.
The photographer was released after December 19, 2017. His punishment was reduced due to good behavior in jail.

Now she is free and depressed dissatisfied with it. But they think that who had raped her for two years in her childhood, how was she left in such a short time?

Mental harm

Tabata was a very adulterous child in childhood, but the abuse she had with her changed her life ahead.

She says, “I started to avoid talking to people more than I was afraid I felt ashamed of my body. When my friends talked about having sex and child, I would have been uncomfortable. Because I always saw a dirty look of sex. ”

Police officers did not take cases of sexual violence in the matter. Because the story of every rap was refreshing their wounds.

But Tabata believes that his story is a warning to other families.

“I would ask mothers to talk to their children and teach them that if anything is wrong, tell them that they trust them.”

“I want to say to the other victims of sexual abuse that they should not blame themselves for their wrong behavior.”

“I always say that the victim should not be blamed, whatever happens, there is no fault of the victim’s clothes, but the person who is sexually exploited is mentally ill.”

Who is accused of ‘sexual harassment of 500 children’

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