People suffering from illegal migrants called in White House by trump

_102167341_tv037548748.jpgAmerican President Donald Trump’s attitude can be felt from time to time on the issue of expatriates. A few days back, President Trump had changed his policy of separating migrant children from his family, while on Friday evening, he was beheaded by the families of those killed by illegal immigrants.

President Trump invited a group named Angel Families to the White House and said that the death of your loved ones is not in vain.

The American President Trump’s policy was being criticized all the way under which he separated more than 2 thousand migrant children from his parents.

After all, due to the overwhelming pressure of the public, he had to change his policy.

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‘Sacrifice will not be allowed to go away’
Meeting on the relatives of the people killed by illegal immigrants on Friday, Trump said that they are American citizens who have always been away from their loved ones.

President Trump said, “The pain that these people have suffered will not be in vain. Three years ago when we were together, the very first day I said that I am watching you, listening and I will not allow you to sacrifice this sacrifice, will not disappoint you. We call these brave Americans Angel Family. ”

The American President said that they can not imagine being worse than that, as well as they gave the assurance of standing with the family who came to join the program.
Laura Wilkerson’s son was killed
‘Zero Tolerance’ policy started in May
Laura Wilkerson, who came to join this program, lost his son in 2010. His son was murdered by an illegal immigrant. Laura had come with her son’s picture with him.

Taking hold of the son’s picture in his hands, he said, “He was treated badly, he was exploited, injuries were put in place and he was burnt after the murder. None of the families present here could not even get the time to speak goodbye to their children, we were not so fortunate that they are getting separated from their children for five or 10 days. We got separated from them forever. ”

Trump had launched its ‘Zero Tolerance’ policy in May, in which nearly 2300 children of illegal immigrants were separated from their families.

These children were kept in the centers run by the Department of Health and Human Services. Many of these children were less than five years old. Trump’s policy was condemned all over, after which on Wednesday he decided to stop it.

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