Most Fine Stain of the football World Cup ,the History of ‘Suicidal Goal’

_102042445_ddb714bc-6a2b-4a69-ae3e-647a82583e28What is the same in Tom Bouad of Scotland and Marcelo of Brazil?

Not many things, but the reality is that the names of both of them combined with the infamous record of World Cup history due to their mistakes.

Both of them made a record in the match before the Football World Cup, against themselves or against their own team. There are only two such players in the history of the World Cup tournament that have scored a record against their own team.

While British boys have retired long ago, Brazil’s left-back Marcelo is in Russia with the team and, of course, he would not want to repeat the mistake of the previous World Cup when he became the first Brazilian player to make a suicidal goal. Were.

Sunil Chhetri draws Lionel Messi’s

Football World Cup is a kick in Russia
In the 2014 World Cup, Marcelo became the first player in Brazil’s history to score a goal against himself
The worst was that Brazil was playing Croatia with their Aussies against their home ground.

Although this initial goal did not have a special effect on the match, Brazil won it 3-1.

Real Madrid player Marcelo said after breathing relief, “I will have to stay calm.” It is very tragic, in the 11th minute I made my team’s situation worse.The viewer was shouting at my name. ”

On the contrary, Tom Boyd was not relieved after the suicide goal, because of that, Brazil got 2-1 victory over Scotland.

Rare event of football field
According to FIFA, the first World Cup has scored 2,300 goals from 1930 to 2014. Among them, the number of suicidal goals is 41.

This is a rare event on the football field but suicidal for such a team.

There have been tragic incidents in the field of the World Cup with those who scored goals in their own.

During the World Cup in 1994, Colombian defender Andre Escobar scored a suicide goal against the United States, due to which his team lost 2-1, only a week later shot him out of the nightclub in Medellin and killed him. Went.

Due to this goal the South American team was out of the tournament before the tournament.

Escobar was shot by Bodyguard Humberto of the Colombian drug cartel member of the Gallon Brothers, according to reports, he spent a lot of money on the success of Colombia’s World Cup.

Over one lakh 20 thousand people attended Escobar’s bodyguard.
France gets the biggest advantage of suicide goal
Record Book of Autobiographical Goals
Only 1934, 1958, 1962 and 1990 editions of all the World Cups played have not been found to be suicidal.

The 1998 World Cup played in France found the highest number of suicidal goals. This includes Boyd’s goal in the match against Brazil.

Five goals were scored in the 2014 World Cup matches, two of which were scored during France’s two separate second matches, and Honduras and Nigeria had to suffer the brunt of this.

Now in France (1998) that record of France can be broken, it will tell the time to come.

A fun figure is also that France is the only World Cup winning team that did not make suicidal goals during the World Cup.
Zinedine Zidane lifted World Cup in 1998
Not only that, along with Italy and Germany, France also got the maximum benefit of the suicide goal four times during the World Cup.

Bulgaria has two records:
1. Two suicidal goals in the same tournament (1996)

2. Record of Mexico and Spain as well as three suicidal goals

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