Lawmaker created rap song, government banned

_102167884_0cd6029e-9c93-41d5-bbfd-6aedf4d2fa5b.jpgOpposition MP Tanzania’s opposition MP Josef Mabilini has said that he will make a case against the government after restricting his rap song made on the jails of the country.

The country’s art council bansatta banned the song when using words that raise public violence.

Josef Mabilini is known as MC Suog. This song was leaked after his arrest. Suu Kyi was allegedly jailed for allegedly defaming President John Maguffle.

This restriction was also questioned on the freedom of expression.

In the press release of the Arts Council, Basata said that the song, dubbed the # 219, had recorded many objections to the general public. Because of this song, the reputation of the art world has also been damaged.

Mabilini, who came out of prison in May, told the BBC how can a song become a threat to anyone?

Mabilini said, “I talked a lot about my prison experience, I have asked the authorities to improve the situation there.”
Singer Diamond Platoonm had apologized for his Instagram video in which he was kissing a woman.
The charges of the opposition on the president
Tanzania administration had banned about 13 songs from being named as objectionable after the list received from Basata in March.

Tanzania’s President, Magufulli, also known as ‘The Bundeszer’, their opposition accuses them of becoming dictators. However, Magwooli dismisses these allegations.

Since the time he came to power in 2015, many newspapers have been closed. While asking a video clip of a top singer from Africa, she also asked questions about it as objectionable.

In fact, award-winning singer Diamond Platoonmz posted a video clip on Instagram, in which she was kissing a lady along with the song. Later this video was incorrectly stated on the basis of new rules of electronic and postal communication (online content).

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