Jobs for Indians in Saudi Arabia is now more difficult

_102170002_gettyimages-586882940.jpgCrown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is making many changes in the economy of the country whose effect is now clearly visible.

Salman wants to accelerate economic growth and wants to create new jobs for his citizens. Although foreign companies in Saudi are struggling to meet the government’s demand.

For decades, the workers of India and the Philippines in Saudi have been doing the same things that Saudi people do not like to do the work.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, those working behind kitchen, construction and store counters are Indians or Philippines. These people do not like to do the work in Saudi.

In this country with huge reserves of oil, most of the citizens do government jobs. Simultaneously, the citizens of the country are not skilled in many things, and there is no such enthusiasm for them in the private sector.
There are many types of pressures for foreign citizens in Saudi Arabia. These include short working hours and good pay.

Many companies are scared due to penalties and visa problems. Due to these rules, the people of Saudi have to keep their jobs. According to the Wall Street Journal report, due to the rules, these companies have to keep the same people who have no need.

Abdul Mohsin, an executive of the Saudi Logistics Company, estimates that more than half of his company is on the job of Saudi citizens who are just for the name.

He said in an interview to Wall Street Journal, “My company can not run without foreign workers, because there are some things Saudi people can not do.” There is a job in this truck’s drive. ”

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Rising unemployment in Saudi
The royal ruler of the country believes that the priority of Saudi citizens in labor is an important thing. However, it is not intended to lead to this level of economic loss.

Mohammed bin-Salman wants to take Saudi forward from the oil-based economy. They feel that their economy will be dynamic only when the dependence on oil will be low.

According to a report by the Reuters news agency, this is a preparation for selling a small portion of Saudi oil company’s Aramco. Its shares can be sold in the market soon.

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is also insisting that people should quit the government job and turn to the private sector. According to the Saudi Ministry of Labor, about two-thirds of the people here make government jobs.

There is pressure on Saudi companies to keep Saudi nationals instead of foreign workers. According to the Saudi Ministry of Labor, the unemployment rate was 12.8 percent in 2017, which is aimed at 7 percent by 2030.
Saudi is going to put more pressure to keep workers of Saudi origin in different sectors from September this year. It is important to work in foreign workers working in salesmen, bakeries, furniture and electronics.

Last year, in the same way in the jewelery sector, instead of foreign workers, people were asked to keep the people of Saudi Arabia, so there was a lot of excitement in this sector.

According to a report by Gulf Business, the difficult situation for the people of this sector was that they bring the origin of Saudi people to work in this work. With this, hundreds of foreign workers were employed, along with this also had a bad effect on the july sector.

The 24-year-old Al-Ayd’s father started a company. He told the Wall Street Journal, “It is a work of gold and it is not possible from any one. Trained in Saudi and skilled youth in this case is not enough. ”

If the family gave the job advertising on the Internet, the people of Saudi also showed interest, but only a few people came to work. They did not agree with the work hours and vacations.

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Many people left after joining the job. This report says that after this the family appointed two Indians to train the people of Saudi.

Now the pressure of keeping the citizens of Saudi Arabia in the salesman’s work can cause shock for Indians. Indian salesmen who work in Saudi may have to return to their native country.

Expensive visa for foreign workers
According to a New York Times report, visa for Saudi foreign workers is going to be expensive. According to this report, private companies in Saudi have to pay a fine on having more foreign workers than Saudi citizens.

This rule was made by the Labor Ministry of Saudi Arabia. Saudi company owners say that the government is complying with the rule, but there are such skilled people in Saudi where they are hired.

In Jeddah an advertising company’s manager Abuja-Yed told the Wall Street General that the workers of Saudi people only take salaries but do not work.
Abuja’s advertising company was fined 65 thousand riyals and visa requests for foreign workers were also stopped. Abuja says that his company is going to run till the end of this year, that’s pretty much the same.

Complaints from the royal regime of private companies in Saudi are increasingly growing. At the beginning of this month, King Salman made Abul Aziz as a minister to resolve these complaints.

According to a report of The Arab News, after the ousting of foreign salesmen from the gold industry, the government is going to expand the policy of saudization. In such a way, working for foreigners in Saudi will no longer be easy.

The Saudi government had recently reduced the subsidy on water, electricity and fuel and imposed a five percent VAT. In such a situation, the government is giving more emphasis on the job of its citizens to balance it.

Due to the policy of Saudiization, many jewelery shops have to be shut down, but in the December of this year, it can be seen more quickly.

The Arab News says that Saudi people want less work hours and do not want to work in shift. According to this report, Saudi people ask for twice the salary compared to trained workers.
How effective is the policy of Saudakaran
The Saudi government says that with the policy of Saudiization, increasing unemployment in the country can be overcome, but many experts believe that it will not have any effect.

“The shifting of the services sector for the labor force of Saudi is not easy,” said Corren Jung, a scholar of Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington, The Arab News. It can take more than ten years. It is a matter of cultural shifting. It is not easy to work for the people of Saudi Arabia in the service, retail and construction sector. ”

Columnist Mohammed Baswani in the Saudi Gazette newspaper wrote, “Companies say that Saudi people are lazy and they do not want to do that work. We need to change the concept with Saudi people first to qualify for work. Saudiization is a formidable policy that needs to be eliminated. “

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