Jharkhand: ‘Gang Rape’ of five girls on the strength of weapons


A case has been registered against six other people, including Father, in a missionary school, for allegedly gang rape with five young men in the tribal-dominated khunti district of Jharkhand.

khunti’s Superintendent of Police Ashwini Sinha told the media, “A case has been registered against seven others, including Father, of missionary school in Cochang, on charges of gang rape with five girls working for a non-governmental organization in Khagati district. . ”

They told that the police has released a picture of an accused. It has also been announced to give a reward of fifty thousand rupees to its informer.

Why does not the rape video viral get caught
He did not kill because he kept rap and kept quiet
What’s the matter
This incident of Kochang village is about 80 km away from Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi.

Ranchi’s DIG, A V Homkar told the BBC that on Tuesday, June 19 a team of ‘Asha Kiran’, a non-governmental organization, went to Kochang village.

This team of eleven people reached this village to perform street play under an awareness campaign against human trafficking.

After performing street play in the village market, these people of the institute reached a local missionary school.

According to the police, when these girls reached school, some people riding motorcycle reached school and abducted five girls on arms. Along with the three male members in the team, the criminals also beat them.

After this, the accused took the gang rape to the nearby forest and carried out the gang rape.

Homer said that on June 20, the news of this incident came to light. Immediately after the news was received, the Deputy Commissioner of the district district had been involved in collecting information in this matter with his team.

On June 21, after searching for a victim, he was questioned for a long time. At present the victim is safe in the custody of the police. His medical checkup has been done.
Other things related to the matter with the police:

The Father of the Mission School of Cochang village and the office bearers of Asha Kiran Sanstha did not immediately inform the police or administration about the incident.
The police is also questioning two sisters associated with the institution of girls, under which circumstances they remained silent on the incident. Two teachers of the school have also been questioned.
For the sake of the case, 3 special teams, under the leadership of Pig district’s Superintendent of Police, have been working differently on this incident.
The police have not found evidence of making any kind of video about misbehavior.
Petlagari supporters hand
The police also suspect that in this incident, Pathholagadi supporters may have hands, because in Kochang village the first Paththaladi was made.

Due to Pathalthi and Naxal-affected and inaccessible terrain, the police is taking precautionary measures.

In this case, tried to contact the sister of Asha Kiran, but she could not find any answer.

Critics who work for women’s rights say that it is not ok to see this matter connected with Pothlagari.

He said that there has been a debate about women’s security in Jharkhand and there are an average of 110 rape incidents every month in the province.

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