Is it still the magic of Bollywood in Russia?

_102004428_frame-076038.jpgIt’s afternoon and there are noisy sounds coming out of City Hall in Taver City, Russia.

Even before entering the parking lot, there is a smiling smile on my face.


Is it still the magic of Bollywood in Russia?
On the loud loudspeakers, the song “Oye Yes, the dogs given to the city” is singing the song of Diler Mehndi and Alka Yagnik.

A dozen Russian girls are roaming in Indian coutures in a big hall inside.

Indian films and dance in Russia
But before every step, everybody’s eyes turn to their ‘guru’ leena.

This is the class of Lena Goyal in Russia, which takes five days a week. Here dance training on Bollywood songs and Indian classical music has been going on for many years.

Lena Goyal, after inspiration from Hema Malini and learning about dance in India, started this series two decades ago.

Lena said, “I like the old Bollywood films which were so popular in our Soviet Union like Sholay, sometimes, two unknowingly, Raja Jaani because these are very emotional films. Indian cinema shows the same thing Every Indian is more close to the heart of the Russian people, whether it is about family or about relationships or between love relationships between girls and boys. ”

Lena’s Bollywood craze grew when she married an Indian and saw Bollywood a little closer.

It is not possible to talk about relations between India and Russia and not mention Bollywood.

Whether it is Raj Kapoor, Nargis and Mithun Chakraborty, the Indian cinema stars have always been popular in Russia.

Hindi films have been playing a big role in India’s close relationship with Soviet Union. There was a time when many films were made together and there were also simultaneous releases in both countries.

Movies like ‘Pardesi’ were made by mutual cooperation between the two countries.

Russian youth interested in Hollywood
There was a time when films such as ‘Mr. 420’, ‘Awara’ and ‘My Name Joker’ did not come from the theaters in the current Russia, Ukraine and Georgia months.

But is still seen and heard as much as Bollywood in Russia?

In India when I was growing up watching movies, I always used to hear that the Indian cinema is still in Russia.

It came to know that there is a lot of truth in the matter, though still crazy is more of old stars.

But there is also the fact that Young Generation is more interested in Hollywood than Bollywood.

The search for Bollywood’s fans brought us to a posh area of ​​Moscow where there is a renowned Indian restaurant.
Children of Iwanka are interested in Hollywood
As soon as I entered, I heard a Russian woman speaking in Hindi as usual.

It is learned that Shabnam has been bilaterally relieved from Bollywood, so she has been working in this restaurant for years.

But it is a pity that in India, Indian films are no longer found in cinemas or in the market.

Shabnam said, “Do not ask, ‘Jimmy-Jimmy Aaja’, the song and song of Gemini used to sing all over here, but now I know very few new heroes-heroes. People left old accounts, now Indians are not American or English movies are seen only, first Indian watched the whole world, used to show in big theaters, and I like ‘Bajirao-Mastani’, I have seen half of the release and I missed it after that. Because that was upset was not even on-line. Then friends saw to send me CDs of India, after weight eight months later. ”

Has reduced the pride of Bollywood movies
I could go anywhere in the cities of Russia, I saw neither a Bollywood movie in any cinema nor did I see the poster of Bollywood stars.

Even the Indian names with restaurants, hotels and so on do not even have pictures of movie posters or stars.

Talking to the people of Indian origin, it was found that most of those who came here during the Soviet Union, there is more enthusiasm about Indian films.
Rameshwar Singh
Journalist-literate Rameshwar Singh, by profession, came to the Soviet Union about 30 years ago, his wife is here, but Hindi also speaks.

Rameshwar Singh said, “Whether it is business or other things, these days, culture, music and movies have always been counted among the countries, it is true that in the new consignment, there is little interest in these things. is less.”

In Russia, the craze of Bollywood movies is a bit down, but there is a realization that Indian dance still draws people out of the house.

Hopeful left
We met our Russian disciple Ana in Lena Goyal’s dance school in the city of Accedev.

He said, “I had taken a break at the time of my child’s birth, but now I have started practicing Bollywood dance again, I like to do stage shows on them, hopefully one day will perform in India too.”

There are many more like Anna, who still hope that Indian films and songs will return to Russia again.

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