I can earn money from 2-3 shows as much as a Hindi movie: Diljeet Dosanjh

_102167877_img_1956.jpgPunjabi singer and actor Diljeet Dosanjh will be seen in hockey legend Sandeep Singh’s biopic. He has said that hockey should respect the national game of India, they believe that due to the lack of glamor, the game of hockey remained behind.

In a special dialogue with the BBC, Diljeet Dosanjh said, “Recently I came to know that India has no national sport. Hockey should be a national game.”

While explaining the reason behind the hockey game in the country, Diljeet says, “I think glamor is the reason because we are all very impressed with the outside (west). In the music also, tickets for external artists are high. The country’s soccer team does not get much support, but matches from outside soccer teams are shown, perhaps outside of our country is the effect of external things. ”

It was a very difficult task to learn hockey for Diljeet, who did not give any distinction to the game far and wide. He also made six pack abs for the film ‘Surma’. However, Diljeet does not like to make six pack abs privately. He says that when you have to make six pack abs forcibly, it is harmful to the body.
The film will be released next month, ‘Surma’
Hindi films do for hobbies
Diljeet Dosanjh, who has made a big name in the Punjabi music industry and Punjabi films, is doing Hindi films only as an amateur. They say that they can earn as much money as they do in a Hindi film, by doing 2-3 shows. They just want to see what kind of movies they can do and what people like them more in the movies.

Diljeet clarified that he came to act in Hindi films only. They do not need Bollywood for their music. However, he believed that the artists grow up in Bollywood, but they want to be bigger than acting in Bollywood.

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Tapi Pannu will also see Diljeet Dosanjh in ‘Surma’
Diljeet Dosanjh, who greatly respected his ‘turban’, did not do a big Hindi film director recently due to this because he had to remove his turban in that film. Diljeet, who is associated with the soil of Punjab, will not do any such role where he has to pull the turban.

Tapi Pannu will also play an important role with Diljeet Dosanjh in ‘Surma’ directed by Shad Ali. The film will be released on July 13.

I can leave movies, not turban: Diljeet Dosanjh
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