How about 52 illegal immigrants indians imprisoned in the USA


In the US, it has come to the notice of 52 Indians who have been arrested in the United States for thousands of people who are arrested.

He was recently brought to a prison in the Sheridan area of ​​Oregon and was kept with several other prisoners, including the citizens of Bangladesh and Nepal.

According to President Donald Trump’s controversial policy, illegal entry in the United States are being arrested and imprisoned in prisons. But their children are being kept in the camps of Central and State Governments. There has been a lot of debate in the US on this policy. It is being called barbarity. Former President George Bush’s wife, Laura Bush, said this policy was heartbreaking.

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Donald Trump
Trump changed controversial policy
However, now US President Donald Trump has finally signed an order to exclude illegal migrants from their children. They have promised that now the migrant family will be together.

The number of civilians in South American countries is the largest among those who illegally enter the United States and take political asylum there. The number of citizens of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan is very low compared to earlier, but these numbers are still in tens of thousands.

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Government of India has not responded
According to the United Nations, 7,000 Indians last year applied for political shelter in the US.

According to Oregon media, local Democratic Party leaders and renowned local citizens are very angry with the arrestees, because according to them the government is separating them from these prisoners and putting them in different camps far away. The number of such children in the whole of America is close to 2,000. But it is not known whether this number includes Indian children.

There is no response from the Government of India. The Indian Foreign Ministry was contacted, but there was no answer to the fact that 52 Indians who also entered the US illegally.

Local media quoted Oregon political leaders as saying that among the Indian nationals, Hindi and Punjabi are the most spoken speakers. It is said that he left the country due to alleged discrimination against him and ran away and reached America.

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Indian-origin MP Pramila Jaipal stood ahead against this policy which kept the family separate.

According to him, most of the people who were imprisoned are political asylum seekers, and after a local jail visit, they had said that there are more women in captives who are in bad shape due to their separation from their children.
Four members of the Congress delegation from Oregon, who were all Democrats, visited the custody center on Saturday and said that they are very sad and angry.

In that meeting the prisoners told politicians that they live in closed rooms for 22 to 23 hours a day and three people are being kept locked in a cell.

According to them, it is impossible to talk to a lawyer. Then he had raised concerns with leaders about his wifes and children.

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