Have you seen this new form of Mallakhambh?

_102113206_pix_3.jpgMallakhambh has been played in a time in India but things are changing rapidly along with time.

This mode is now taking a new look and is becoming increasingly popular too.

You can ask the question of what is new in what is different from the old.

It can be easily explained in something like this.

Now these modern aerial silk sport (different asana games on the silk fabric in the air) and the old rope is a mixed form of Mallakhamb.

In this, a mixed form of various types of asanas and yoga is presented on the 70-foot long silk fabric.

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Says Sanjeev Sravaji, National President of Silk Association, “So far, the Sports Authority of India has not recognized this, but it is becoming increasingly popular. We have surely been filled up to include this mode in the sports category.”

“Mallakhambhu is a pure country sport, which has roots in India, while Ariel Silk is famous in many countries of the world, hence it is also expected to get recognition as a sport.”

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Arial Silk Travel by Belle Dancer
Nupur Shah of Vadodara, who has made Ariel Silk popular in sports as a sports supporter in India, has traveled to America, Japan and France.

They are good ballet dancers, but they consider Ariel Silk as a part of it.

At present, he is taking training from Rop Mallakhamb National Referee Sunil Gangwani in Mumbai.

She says, “Seeing Ariel Silk on Youtube in the year 2015, this game got inspiration in mind.” Initially, she started posting by clinging silk clothes in the wall at home. ”

“Later in the stadium and elsewhere, there was a chance to present it, it became a passion, it was appreciated by the people, now I play it as a sport.”

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Team created in 8 months
The story of the launch of Aerial Silk Sports in India is also interesting.

Nauupur Shah presented Ariel Silk in the District Games competition for the first time in 2017 in the city of Jhansi, the magician of Hockey, Major Dhyanchand.

From then on, the sports enthusiast Sanjeev Saraogi got involved in an effort to establish it as a sports.

Ariel Silk Sports Association official Anil Patel says that in January 2018, sports representatives of 29 states together formed the Aerial Silk Sports Association at the national level.

This was followed by the first workshop organized by 17 states in Vadodara, where 95 national level judges, 393 trainees and 45 referees were trained.

Later on organizing 407 camps at the district level, the rules and regulations of the game were decided and they were told about the people associated with it.

Anil Patel claims that the Indian Olympic Authority got the assurance of being involved in the sport.

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First National Aerial Silk Olympics
The first Aerial Silk National Sports Championship in Jhansi is held from 13th to 15th June. It involved 393 participants from 27 states of the country.

Angelique Patil of Mumbai is a dancer. Ariel Silk is more fond of his dance.

He says, “These games are famous in foreign countries, but now it is getting popular in our country too.”

Jhansi’s Nazia Khan and Kanchi used to learn the first rope Mallakhham, but now their trend has increased significantly in Ariel Silk.

She says that this is a very good game.

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Ancient Indian education
It is said that in the 12th century Mallakhbha was started in India.

Peshwa Bajirao II played an important role in popularizing this.

Dada Balamdhar Devdhar is considered to be the Guru of Mallakhham. These sports are very popular in many areas of India.

It is said that Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi and Shivaji Maharaj used to do Mallakhamb.

Mallakhambh is the state sports status in Madhya Pradesh. Although it has not been included in the national sports so far, its players have to be a victim of neglect.

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