Ground Report: What are people saying on the charge of rape where Daati Maharaj is born

_102155754_0cc98409-816b-41bd-9e26-aeafa44c28d1.jpgThe fields spread around the village produce handsome shades of hands to the hands. But now the Elvas village is in the headlines.

The village of Pali district in Rajasthan had seen minister, leader, officer and Dhanna Seth coming to meet Daati Maharaj till now. But now the investigating teams are rounding the vacancy.

The police is investigating the charges of alleged misbehavior on Dati Maharaj. One of the disciples of the grandson has accused him of raping. The grandsons are telling themselves innocence.

White-gray beard, Tilak impression on the frontal and Rudraksh Mala in the neck come from Datta Maharaj Nut fraternity who make ‘Satu Shatru Naa Mitra Hai’ with his formula sentence. In the Marwar principality, he is also called a plaintiff.
According to local people, the plaintiff is a very small and scattered group in the Scheduled Castes. There is an ancestral house in the former place, where the grandson was born and then in the childhood itself, it turned away from the village.

When he returned, Madan was not a madman, Madan Maharaj. In the lower middle-class texture and living-tolerant house, there is a sense of relief in the cousin’s cousin Mahesh Aangan.

Therefore, the police are out of the grasp of Dati Maharaj
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They started saying, ‘Daughters were born in this house and then became sannyasi. Now they do not have our relationship with them. But Mahesh says, ‘The charges against them are wrong. The daughters of my family study in their school. ‘

‘If there was worldly happiness then marriage would not break’
At the peak of Jeth, women gathered at the shop of grocery in a square in the village. One of them, Munna Devi says that she has read with her in the school as well.

They said, “We were two backward groups ahead, if the donor had a desire for worldly happiness then he would not shy away from his marriage in his childhood.” His father had married a girl from a nearby village in his childhood. When the grandmother was young, she told the villagers what their relationship with the marriage marriage, she has now gone to saiyas. ”

Munna Devi further says that what we say on more things, but such allegations are wrong. Nobody is convinced in the village on these allegations.

DCP Rajesh Dev, the Crime Branch of the Delhi Police, told the BBC, “The allegations made by the victim are very serious, our investigation is underway, we have not given any clean chit to anyone. Will talk to you. ”
Mithri Lal Sargra, who is away from the four-storey house of the Dattatan’s ancestral house, has retired from the power department. They say that we did not see any such thing in the tooth. The grandmother’s half-brother lives in Shani Dham.

In the outskirts of the village, the Vigilance Vigilance Foundation has laid down the silence. This institution of Dashi Maharaj runs residential school for girls. Iron door is locked at the main entrance but the press is closed for the media.

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The watchman present there said that no one can talk to anyone. Then there is no inquiry team in the premises. During this period, a vehicle from Adivasi-dominated southern Rajasthan was enrolled with small girls.

A gentleman found at the main gate did not reveal his identity. But said ‘here seven hundred girls read. We are troubled by what is happening. Impact on the morale of the girls. ‘

They started saying further, my two daughters also read here. Outside the building, CC TV cameras are installed. On the other hand, the victim, who filed a rape charge on Dati Maharaj, in her complaint to the Delhi Police, has told that she was raped and raped.

According to him, the other servant of the ashram lied to him and said, “You are Baba and Baba, you are not doing any new work, you have done everything, tomorrow was our turn. Today is your turn. Baba is Samandar, we all are his fishes. Take it as a loan.
Madan Singh Inda of Alwaas has also studied in the school of Datty and now Lab Technician in Government Hospital. They are considered close to the institution.

They began to tell ‘Datty’s childhood has passed through a lot of sadness and lack. Mother went early, father married another Then the ladies went from the village reading to the seventh Seventh Jamat. During this time he stayed here from different saints Santo and learned astrologer. They also stayed in Patna. Then came to Delhi in 1990 Here are some hard work guys. Only then did his prediction for a big man prove to be true. That person helped the dentist. ‘

Inda further explains, “Someone gave her a Shani temple in Delhi. The grandmother broke the notion of people that Saturn is enemy. This made the fear of people away Inda does not know that there was a child marriage to a grandmother.

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Inda says that the grandfather has married ten thousand destitute girls and has never left behind helping the needy. Some people in the foreign ministry refused to talk, then someone counted their work.

Most people in the village do farming. But many families have settled down in jobs, business and private work in Pune, Chennai and Bengaluru. When the grandson was surrounded by allegations, some Dalit organizations in Pali district organized a demonstration program in their interim.
But Inda says, “When the tooth felt, it was stopped by giving a video message. Because, according to Inda, Datty said there is no class and caste of a sadhu. Because in school you can see the children of all faiths read. ”

Till now, they have been telling people the remedy for suffering. But now the Delhi Police is interrogating Baba on the charges of the victim.

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