Ground Report: Story of ‘violence’, ‘death’ and ‘terror’ in Mamta’s West Bengal

_102137130_046800982-1.jpgThere was raining in Kolkata and we were waiting for Vikas Kumar outside a Hanuman temple along the muddy road of muddy streets.

This is not the real name of development, according to him, for the years, he has worked for the Trinamool Congress (TMC) councilor in elections like shooting, illegal recovery, bullying and bullying.

Instead, he was allowed to sell raw materials at a higher price for construction work, which would sometimes earn up to three to three and a half lakh rupees per month. The builders were compelled to buy raw materials from them, otherwise they were not well.

This political and economic racket is called ‘syndicate’ in West Bengal and the share of earnings goes up from many levels to many levels.

The warriors like Vikas are the landlords of political violence in West Bengal. Vikas explains that young people like him used to work for Left parties in power. Changed power, his loyalty also changed.


Increasing step of association in West Bengal
Before the visit, there was a fear of development on the phone that no one knew about it. People in Purulia, Birbhum, outside of Kolkata, told me about this ‘fear’.

When we tried to contact a political activist in the world famous Shanti Niketan associated with Rabindranath Tagore, the reply was received, “If people come to know about this visit then my entire family will be killed.”

How is ‘Left’ becoming West Bengal the center of politics of ‘Ram’?
TMC and BJP were face-to-face in jury elections
Why are people afraid to talk about politics

A teacher in Birbhum district of Shanti Niketan told me in a very slow voice, “The fear has penetrated our nerves like. During the Panchayat elections, TMC workers threatened people that if they did not vote for the party their mothers and daughters Nowadays when we talk about politics, then we see that no one is listening. I am still non-political, I am scared too. O. ”

In the Panchayat elections held in May, the opposition parties have not fielded candidates in nearly thirty percent of seats and the TMC candidate was declared uncontested, the opposition said that this was due to the ‘TMC terror’.


‘Islam gives the message of peace’
Opposition parties in the Panchayat elections had alleged that TMC had stopped filing nomination papers showing their candidates fear of violence. In Deboram Anirapur village of Birbhum, we met BJP candidate Debbrat Bhattacharya, who had alleged that TMC supporters attacked him in a police station and beat him so much that he had to be hospitalized.

He took the name of local TMC leader Gadadhar Hazara, but Hazra denied any violence and said “people of Bengal do not want to vote for anyone other than TMC.”

Hajra says, “CPM, Congress and BJP leaders are all here, but nobody has workers on the ground. The development we have done here in seven and a half years has not happened in 35 years of CPM.We asked the opposition parties if If someone wants to file a nomination, we will help him, but no one comes forward. We can not force people to stand up against us. ”

Mamta’s Brahmin love relationship with BJP’s Muslim love?

West Bengal: Seven killed in electoral violence, many injured
Controversial TMC leader Anubhrant Mandal is said to be close to Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee
‘The point of intimidation is a lie’
The controversial TMC leader, Anubhart Mandal, known as ‘Kesto’, is said to be close to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. He is also the district head of TMC in Birbhum.

On the charge of rape of TMC activists in Birbhum, he told BBC Hindi on video call, “No, not at all.” It is all lies, come to Birbhum, go to the houses, you will never get to hear it. If I say so, I will quit politics. ”


West Bengal violence: ‘All burnt … not to wear anything to eat’
He said, “There are 11 assembly constituencies in My district Birbhum and there is no violence here, all are happy and living in peace. The slightest violence has happened to the BJP because all the CPI (M) Thieves and goons have joined the BJP. ”

In other parts of India where there is violence against caste or religion, in West Bengal “the existence of people is dependent on political parties.” Every government job is easy because of close proximity to the party, though every service costs. This tradition is old.

Vikas Kumar left the old way recently due to the riot with some of the companions. After a long wait 20 years of development reached our vehicle.

‘Reasons for Hindu Muslim Conflict in West Bengal’

How intimidating threatens?
His hair was clambered with rain. There were uncertainty expressions on the wet face. Developed in T-shirts, jeans and sport shoes looked like a college student, although he had left his studies after the eighth grade.

We reached the house of his friend Suresh (changed name). According to Suresh, he had also worked for TMC. Suresh explains, “Many boys do this work to complete the cost of addiction. We used to get alcohol or drugs for work. When the police used to harass, the counselor would call him. ”
Young people like Vikas used to work for Left parties in power. Changed power, his loyalty also changed
Suresh and his colleagues used knives, poles, bombs and guns to intimidate. According to Suresh, once he pushed the owner of a building by a third mall.

Vikas explains, “We used to have 25-30 people standing in front of the polling booth and those who used to cast their vote, used to say to them that they have already voted and they go home, I have visited CPM offices several times Sabotage. ”

“When I had a gun, I used to feel strong in my hands, we did not let the media come near too.”

Mamata’s Bengal in ‘Number Two’, how the BJP?
Political analyst Middul Islam
‘People’s identity is based on party’

Suresh says, “Those who used to work for CPI (M) earlier, they work for TMC today.”

The changing loyalties and the political violence in West Bengal are associated with the holding of the institutional government budget of millions of crores and the political structure of the past.

Industry and economic opportunities are low in terms of the population of West Bengal, hence the dependence on people’s political parties is very high.

In Kolkata, political analyst Doctor Maidul Islam calls West Bengal “the single party society” where the Left has ruled for 33 years and Trinamool has been in power for seven years now.

He says, “The identity of the people in West Bengal is on the basis of the party, which party you belong to. Their Hindus or Muslims go back to the background.”

‘West Bengal should not understand Gujarat’
BJP office in Kolkata
Electoral defeat means loss of millions
Getting government services for girls, or finding a government job, unless the party is standing together, it is not easy to get the facility. This association with the parties is from CPM era.

There is a fight to control the crores budget of the three-layered Panchayati Raj system made up of the Zilla Parishad, Panchayat Samiti and Gram Panchayat, because the defeat of electoral means the loss of millions of crores.

Doctor Islam says, “There is a lot on the stake so violence is too much.”

The families of BJP workers – Trilochan Mahato and Dulal Kumar – in Purulia district are telling their death a fresh example of political violence.

How the feet are ‘spreading’ in West Bengal

Political murder
Trilochan Mahto’s body was hung from a tree while Dulal from a power transmission line. Local police and administration are silent on the causes of death.

From Kolkata to Purulia, where roads, buildings, toll plazas, shops were stranded with Trinamool flags, as soon as entering Purulia, the BJP’s Kamal election marks begin to appear on people’s houses, shops. The village of Dulal near Dhaba is 18 years old Supddi village of Trilochan.

Trilochan Mahto disappeared in the evening and the next morning his body was hanged in the tree.

A message was written on Trilochan’s white T-shirt – “You died because of joining BJP at such a young age.”

The BJP’s election symbol was made on the inner and outer walls of Trilochan’s house, which he had made himself.

‘Pistol, bullet knife is threatened on talk’
Hariram Mahato, father of Trilochan Mahato
Trilochan’s father, Hariram Mahto, who was feeling weak and ill, was sitting on the couch beside neighbors. They were being seen from the frustrating eyes towards the ground.

He says, “Trilochan was my youngest son, I was examining him in college, and he was still examined, if his place was to kill me at least my son would be alive. Understand that who has lost his son. ” By saying this, they start crying.

Shortly after disappearing from the village, a phone call to Trilochan’s brother Shivnath was called. There were trilogens on the other side of the phone.

Shivnath explains, “My brother was crying and being a boy, he was repeatedly saying that he has to talk to the mother. He told me that he had picked up five people riding a motorcycle, his hands were tied up And they are taking him to the jungle of the spot. He told that he had tied his garment on his face, was beaten up and threatened to kill him.

Durga is worshiped, Allah too: Mamta Banerjee
Shivnath Mahato
‘TeamMc threatens people’

According to Shivnath, the conversation lasted three to four minutes. As long as reaching Shivnath’s mother, the phone was cut. According to Shivnath, the police tried to find Trilochan overnight on the basis of call location, but no success was found. Next morning, his body was found hanging from a tree between the fields outside the village of Tadke.

Inside the house, Mahto was sitting on a chair after getting his mother wrapped in a sari. Heavy eyelids, deep depression feeling on the face.

Pana Mahato said, “My son always used to say that he received threats from the people of TeamMC, but he did not take anyone’s name.

Dulal Kumar’s family lives in the nearby Dhabha village. The circumstances of his death are not very different from Trilochan.

There is a pond in front of the village, in front of which there is a transmission tower of electricity, where the body of 32-year-old father Dulal Kumar of three children was found hanging on June 1 morning. There was a thorn in his waist.

Chanda in the mosque for Hindu youth
Dulal Kumar’s wife
‘CBI probe into son’s death’

After death, this is the dread of fear that people guard at night in the village.

Dulal’s father Mahavir says, “Police say that he committed suicide, but did anyone see him committing suicide? CBI should be investigated in death.”

There is a shop in Mahavir Kumar’s village where Dulal used to go to the food thrice a day. Dulal was missing from May 31 evening. His motorcycle got on the side of the pond.

According to Mahaveer sitting under a tree under the tree, some TMC members had threatened Dulal near the village one day before they disappeared, “You are showing great healing, we will see you.”

Dulal was searched overnight in the surrounding areas, but they could not be found. The next morning, his dead body was found hanging from the tower.

Mahavir says, “I used to love my son a lot, nobody in the entire Balrampur area used to dislike him.” Ask the police, my son died due to politics. ”

Cartoon: Do not Go Vote on Vote
Dulal kumar’s father
‘There is no violence seen in CPM rule’

According to Mahavir, who had supported CPM for three decades before the BJP and worked for CPM for five years, “We saw the rule of CPM for 33 years but never seen such violence in the area. Will TMC always be in power Have the right to live? ”

Purulia’s DM Alokesh Prasad Rai said he would not say anything on this matter, he advised to meet SP Akhtar Mogharia. Akash Mogharia said that he would not say anything because CID has the case.

A local leader of TMC, Srishthar Mahato, denied the role of party worker in the case. TMC leader and MP Derek O’Brien tweeted and said that Jharkhand border along with Bengal should also be checked.

He said, “Who were the people of BJP, Bajrang Dal? These things should come out in the investigation. ”
Dilda Sheikh’s mother used to cry for hours after seeing her son’s picture
The pain of losing ones is also on the other side
In Birbhum district, there is a beautiful Sheik family. The family members alleged that BJP workers killed the dastardly Sheikh. Durga’s death is not the world’s sensation like his mother Angura Bibi.

When we arrived in their closet home, we were roaming around in the verandah.

Some words came out of their mouth, “My son went out of the house and after that I saw his corpse, I will die with my son’s pain.” His family has removed the pictures of the heartwarming from home because he used to weep and cry for hours.

According to Roshan Khan, a relative of Dildar, when “the BJP supporters attacked with bombs and pistols”, when hearty TMC activists were involved in a mob going to enroll in the nomination.

He used to work harder contracting and was the only earning person in his family. His family was formerly a Congress supporter and was with TMC since 1998.

Roshan Khan said, “Mamta Banerjee has provided a number of medical facilities besides government schemes like Kanyashree, Rupshri.”

The history of violence in West Bengal is old.
The BJP expects this event to be beneficial in the 2019 elections.
Professor Islam says, “There is a continuation of revolution since 1910, 1920, from Khudiram Bose, Binay, Badal, Dinesh, Surya Sen. If West Bengal saw violence, Bengali society is different from other society. In Naxal Period, there was considerable violence in West Bengal. ”

According to Professor Islam, Bhadralok (elite class) in West Bengal, where the parts of the cities have remained limited, the new political players of the state are coming from the poor and the lower middle classes and these new classes have changed their claim in the political environment. are doing.

BJP leaders in Purulia are comparing the state with Syria and Iraq. She is convinced Mamata Banerjee as ‘anti-Hindu’ and that she will surely have political gains from this event in the coming 2019 elections.

Meanwhile, TMC leaders claim that the BJP is giving up the issue under the preparations for the Lok Sabha elections, because “BJP knows that the party’s name in West Bengal is not the same.”

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