Football World Cup: Why Messi is finally missing?

_102154812_22210797-b7e4-4ba0-877e-1d93af8e6168Argentina star player Lionel Messi, who went into the dressing room with scattered hair after losing 3-0 against Nizhny Novgorod against Croatia, has a picture of himself in the football world cup 2018.

Messi, who won five times the ‘Golden Shoe’ award, has not been able to score a single goal so far in this World Cup, nor has he given any such pass that helped the team score goals. Not only that, he has missed the penalty against Iceland, too. The condition is that their participation in Argentina’s team and the first time since the 2002 World Cup has been the threat of being out of the tournament for the first time ever.

Messi is going to be on June 2, which is going to be 31 on June 24, then in terms of age, he has time to play another World Cup. According to soccer experts, the football World Cup 2018 Messi, being played in Russia, can be the last chance to win a major title for Argentina. So far he has been able to give Argentina the gold in 2008 Beijing Olympics.

The danger of being out of the World Cup on Argentina

Soccer’s addiction so it happens
Riquet, Luca Modrich and Ivan Rakitik, who came from Croatia against Argentina, scored goals
Even for Barcelona (club), he could not perform anything special this season. Despite winning the domestic league, the Catalan team was eliminated from the quarterfinals in the third consecutive season of the UEFA Champions League, and their opponent Rial Madrid dominated the tournament and won the title in their own name.

There are many reasons for this to be counted, why are Messi struggling this season?

1) Physical exhaustion

During the European season 2017-18, Messi played 54 matches, the highest during the last five years after 2014-15. According to the German website Transfermarkt of Football Statistics, during this time he played 4,468 minutes and on average on average on the field is 82.7 minutes. Despite this, he scored 45 goals for Barcelona and helped to score 18 goals.

Football World Cup Passion

2) Bothered by injury
In April 2018, Argentina’s newspaper Clarin wrote on behalf of national team sources that Macy is struggling with the right thigh injury, which is affecting his ability to run and speed up.

His problem became public when he sat out in a friendly match against Spain and Italy. Against Spain, he had to sit out and watch his teammates lose 6-1.

How did Pelé’s name get Pelé?
Diego Maradona’s reaction to team performance against Croatia
3) Team Argentina’s performance is not good

Argentina’s performance in the qualification tournament in South America for the 2018 World Cup to be played in Russia was poor and somehow managed to make it to the last round. Messi scored 7 goals in this tournament, but this poor performance of the team had to be criticized by fans and the media.

Argentina is the sub-player of the 2014 Football World Cup, where it was defeated by Germany in the extra time of the final match. Two-time champion Argentina won the last World Cup in 1986. Since Copa América in 1993, he has not been able to make his name even a big tournament. Even two Olympic titles consecutively in 2004 and 2008 can not even reduce their grief.

They arrived in Russia from Russia to meet Messi

4) Ronaldo becomes a sore throat
Seeing the suffering of Messi, it is even more noticeable when it is seen that his opponent Cristiano Ronaldo is performing strongly in the World Cup 2018 and has so far scored four goals including a hat-trick.

Ronaldo started his hat-trick against Spain in the first match of 2018 World Cup being played in Russia. During this time, he scored the goal of free kick, which will be remembered for a long time.

After that, Cristiano Ronaldo, the only defining goal against the team, was made by a bullet head of Morocco.

At the moment Ronaldo is appearing in the best form in the tournament, while Messi is on the verge of publicity due to his penalties against Iceland.

And two years ago Ronaldo did what Messi could not do till now. With a goal in the quarterfinals and semi-finals, he brought his team Euro 2016 title.

Ronaldo remained in the entire tournament but after the 22nd minute in the final, he got injured. But after that he was seen playing the role of player coach. Keep your team direct from the side line.

Apart from this, Messi is also threatening to make a scintillating event in this tournament, without even pretending to be injured.

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